Vortex on Akropolis | Testnet Launch

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3 min readNov 10, 2021


One more step towards Vortex launch — public testnet is here!

Vortex on Testnet gives you the opportunity to see how easy and rewarding Vortex is to use prior to the mainnet release. It also means you can provide us with valuable feedback via our Discord or Telegram groups, which will be crucial in optimizing the Vortex experience for you, our users!

Note that this is a testnet release and no funds are at risk. Testnet dApps generally have low liquidity so there are likely to be price and event differences from mainnet, and there may also be errors, bugs or other unexpected events. If you encounter any of these, please report them to us via Discord or Telegram!

How to use Vortex on Testnet

Testnet version is launching on both Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain and below are instructions on how to interact with both networks.

  • Connect your Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask);
  • Add Arbitrum (Rinkeby) and/or Binance Smart Chain (Testnet) network to your Web3 wallet. Metamask users will see a popup for adding new network & in any other case please do follow these instructions:

Adding Arbitrum (Rinkeby testnet):

Binance Smart chain (testnet):

  • Request test USDC/BUSD from our Faucet, displayed on the dApp page;
  • Deposit USDC/BUSD into corresponding Vortex vaults on testnet.

You’re all set! Play with it however you like: deposit more, withdraw everything, try breaking the contracts or user flows —it _most probably_ has bugs.

Bring all the feedback to us — every bit of it matters for the upcoming launch on mainnet & do not hesitate to reach out in TG or Discord.

When Mainnet?

Vortex is going through rigorous testing, reviews and audits and will be releasing on mainnet very soon™. We hope you enjoy trying Vortex on Testnet and, as a reminder, we are looking for a select group of users to be granted early beta access to the mainnet release. If you’re interested, please:




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