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Bella Ciao!

It is rare that I find something really intriguing. Many of the moments pass by as smoothly as a breeze; However, there are some, which are so very impactful, I find it hard to resist penning them down.

Such was the conclusion of Money Heist P03.

The entire gang

In all the earlier parts, even for the death of Berlin(which happens to be my favorite character btw) in P02, I didn’t find it that intriguing. However, P03 ended on such an impactful note, such a note my god. I finished the till part 3 in 3 days // given the quarantine, it’s not that hard to pull off//. Watching episodes one after the other the entire day but after P03,
I felt compelled to take a break.

To pause, digest, and reflect upon the ending.
(Yes, haven’t watched P04 yet, and would appreciate it if you don’t spoil it for me; either way, I’m immune to your decision)

P03 for me would have been a bit of a let-down, not because it was not good as earlier parts. But because it would have been just as good as them, had the ending not been such powerful.

The antagonists for earlier ones were Prieto and Racquel, and to put it bluntly, Professor was always a step or two ahead of them. Having not considered the variable for him falling in love is a prime reason for the plan not acting smoothly.
But in P03, there are very few such mistakes from the gang.

The antagonist is just fab. Sierra; as bitch as she seems, she has the brains to tear apart the opposition.

Let’s move to the ending,
Sierra decides to play the hardest hitting card. In her own words,
“Let’s attack them where it hurts the most.”

Sierra being Sierra

Sierra sends in Nairobi’s kid’s bear. Now Nairobi is on an emotional ride. She hasn’t seen her kid since he was 3. She already feels guilty about treating him as a coy. She joined the heist with the sole intention of getting her kid back and flying with him to a far off country, which in the earlier part she decides not to do.

She, with all this money, feels a hollowness that cannot be filled with anything in the world.

Nairobi in her moment

She, with her purest of intentions, loves Helsinki and never expects anything back. He just wishes that Helsinki realizes that Palermo only uses him and never would love back. She stayed the most sincere member throughout the parts. With a pure heart she’s carrying, Sierra decides to play the card of her child. She brings him in front of the building so Nairobi could not stop herself from seeing it

And the moment she does, a sniper shoots her.

Professor and Lisbon are exposed and on the verge of getting caught. Lisbon hides in a box in a farmhouse, wherein Professor confesses that he cannot live without her.

Professor and Raquel

Lisbon, however, gets captured by the farmers but couldn’t negotiate with them in the extremely little time she has before the Police catch her. When she gets caught though, obviously Professor is hearing. He’s frantically running towards the farmhouse, asking her to buy sometime before he arrives there. The Police have other plans though, with an intent to make it seem like an execution, there are 2 shots fired.
Immediately after that Suarez says, “It was in self-defence, you understand?” Confirming for the Professor that she’s been executed.
But she’s not.

Shooting Nairobi would lead to the gang to be startled. Hit hard. Shocked right to the core. I could only imagine what might have run through Nairobi’s mind then. On one side, she’s incredibly happy to see Axel. Her child, she hasn’t seen since he was 3. on the other, she’s been shot by Sierra’s compelling strategy.

The Professor believes that Lisbon is shot. What goes inside his head is, again, a very critical scenario. He already feels guilty of leaving the gang alone, facing the confusion of whether he did the right thing of involving Raquel in this. And the moment when he hears those shots, he’s spellbound. He is shocked and dumbstruck for the first time to this magnitude. Nothing matters now for him. Nothing, but being a resistance to the system.
He says it out loud to Palermo,

“This is not a robbery or a challenge to the system,
It is a war”.

Professor, when Lisbon gets shot

Now, this is a masterstroke by Sierra. She’s breaking the gang and the Professor inside out.

While the gang is still startled and is treating Nairobi, she commands the army to enter with full force.

If Lisbon is caught, she asks it to make it look like she’s been executed.
This way, the gang will be enraged. Will declare war against the Police. And they do the exact same thing. The exact same thing.
But whatever decision the gang will take, will enact in her favor.

They shoot the tank in front of the entire world. This violent side is based on the Professor’s order, which is based primarily on the murdering of his love of life.

The tank that gets shot

( Which in due time, I’m expecting that Police will declare that Lisbon has just been caught, and thus making the violence unnecessary)

What she is trying to break here is a very crucial philosophy of the Professor; “Public Support”. Showcasing the violent side of the robbers to the public will lead them to question whether to side with Police or the robbers.

As said earlier, a Masterstroke by Sierra. A Masterstroke by the makers.
Intrigued to watch further :)

(All images are Google baba’s courtesy)



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