Spirituality & Mental Health: Part II

How the Satsang Diksha Explains Mental Resilience

Courage in Adversary

All of us have faced troubling times in our life. These tough times have taught us a lot when we go back and reflect on these experiences. But while we face adversity, our clarity becomes tinted with emotion and a lapse in judgment. What thoughts should we keep when we find ourselves in the face of adversity?

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Locus of Control

During such times, it’s easy to blame external forces in contributing to our adversity. Within one’s religious or spiritual practice, it is often seen that those who may be religious blame a higher entity for bad times. A perspective that the higher entity is responsible for all the miseries in life.

Akshar (left)-Purushottam (right) Darshan | Image: BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

Positivity in One’s Progress

This is where the internal locus of control plays a role. Instead of accusing a person saying, for example, “You put yourself into that situation… you are just emotional..,” Mahant Swami Maharaj writes the positive aspect of internal locus of control.

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Refuge = Courage

This leads to the last verse of this section on hardships, being…

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