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Software Development for Startups: All You Need to Know in 2022

When you hear the word start-up, you imagine a group of vibrant guys with sparkling eyes and bright ideas in mind. They are ready to transform the world to be a better place and can inspire others to do the same.

However, when it comes to the realization of their ideas, they can face multiple obstacles. The initial challenges of start-ups are finding investors and proving that their idea is feasible. And today, the best option to achieve both is to support your project with proper software or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Some start-uppers have the appropriate tech expertise and create a great mobile/web application or implement other digital tools themselves. But the majority of them need to turn to professional start-up software companies to get a decent digital solution that will ensure their survival.

In this article, you’ll find all the information a start-up founder with little or no technical knowledge needs to choose the right software development company and make the most of their collaboration. We will touch on:

  • The reasons why start-ups need software development;
  • The most powerful technologies for start-ups;
  • How to choose the right software development company for your start-up.

Why start-ups use software development

In a world based on digital technologies, good software can determine the long-term success of any business, let alone start-ups. For the latter, this aspect is essential for fundraising and robust expansion. An MVP of a mobile or web application can become a tangible representation of their ideas. It is something that can reassure investors and stakeholders that you really have the potential to fly.

Start-ups use the software either as a major proposition or as a way to streamline some of the business processes. Sometimes, the great idea put into the software can bring a revolution to processes in some of the domains or industries.

For instance, a German start-up Felmo had an idea to provide vet consulting services online or allow your pet to have an appointment with a vet at home. They presented the idea that answered the modern aspirations of pet owners, freeing them and their beloved pets from stress. Then, they paired it with the powerful web and mobile applications, developed by Akveo start-up software company. As result, they raised 15 million euros during their first investment round. And that is just one of the hundred thousand start-ups that succeeded due to the right approach and software.

Felmo app interface

Most popular and effective technologies for start-ups

The technologies’ selection highly depends on the application you need. Thus we will revise all the technologies in different development domains.

Mobile development

React Native

React is a cross-platform mobile development platform created by the Facebook team. It is one of the most popular mobile development frameworks in the world. It has broad functionality that makes the app development process easy and fast. Also, React Native is secure and allows multiple integrations with various local/cloud databases and 3d party services.


Flutter is the SDK (Software Development Kit) for mobile development that competes with RN for dominance in the cross-platform development field. It is also backed by the tech giant, Google, and has great cross-platform capabilities as well. Flutter is quite easy-to-learn and has its own widgets that enhance the UI rendering of a mobile application, making it more pleasant to use.

Web development


React is another platform produced by Facebook but, in this case, for web development. It is free and open-source and allows the creation of all kinds of web (PWAs, SPAs) applications along with hybrid mobile ones. The library has a component structure that accelerates the app development process. React applications are performant and have rich UIs that render asynchronously due to the Virtual DOM. Asynchronous rendering makes the UIs responsive which improves user experience big time. However, the main pros of the platform are ease of use and a large developer community, so you won’t spend much time looking for a great React start-up software development company.


Angular is a legendary web development framework. As well as React, Angular is open-source and free of charge but has a slightly less broad community behind it. The framework is renowned for its capabilities with heavy, enterprise-grade applications so we mention it here for you not to fall for Angular’s high status. Angular is not the best option for start-ups.

Vue. js

Another great web development framework that suits start-ups very well. It is open-source and free and is mostly used in the development of SPAs and web app interfaces. Some developers consider it better than React because Vue’s components are shorter and easier to use. Additionally, Vue.js brings together the best features of Angular and React. Vue has a similar syntax as Angular and Virtual DOM and component structure with React. All the tree frameworks are written in JavaScript.

How to choose the right software development company for start-ups

Look for a partner with the office in your country

It would be great if your start-up software company has an office in your country. Surely, you can connect with them online which can be preferable in certain areas where the lockdown is strict. However, meeting your partner’s representatives and having face-to-face communication is the best way to communicate your ideas to them.

Pick the company that has experience with start-ups

The start-up experience of your software development partner can make a world of difference for your project. First of all, it frees you from hours of daunting meetings where you discuss the peculiarities of your project as a start-up. Then, they will deliver them according to your requirements and can even give you good advice on how to attract more investors and cut unnecessary software development expenses.

Opt for middle-size software development companies

Quite often, large software development companies tend to pay less attention to the less distinguished clients. They hunt for the bigger prey, so to say. Middle or small software development companies, on the contrary, pay attention to every project they take on to gain experience and prove their expertise. Thus, it would be wise to hire a small or middle-sized development company to ensure that your project will have a personalized approach and meticulous attention.

Choose companies that provide full-cycle development services

The application development for your start-up has several dimensions. It is not all about code but includes UX/UI design, QA, integrations with other services (databases, security software, etc.), and support. Therefore, to avoid dispersing your attention to a few service providers, pick up a company that offers it all.

Tips for working with a software development company

Make a clear definition of what your start-up needs

Before starting your software development project you should decide what functions your software needs to have to match your start-up’s requirements. It will help you and your start-up development company to set the precise budget, create a proper project delivery timeline, and plan your MVP presentation.

Look for Agile software development

It is common for start-ups to change directions during project delivery. [expand on the reasons for changes] Obviously, your software should comply with the changes of your start-up’s activities. That’s why you should look for a software development company that can respond to the changes in your business development swiftly, making the corresponding adjustment to the soft.

Start testing your software early

Starting testing routines in the early stages of your app development process, you ensure faster time-to-market and avoid additional expenses. Moreover, testing can reveal the weak spots of your project and give you the opportunity to direct your start-up optimal way. Eventually, continuous testing will help you to build a flawless application that will require less maintenance in the future.

Involve a 3d party software expert

To make sure that the company of your choice matches their words with actions, you can call upon a tech specialist from your side. It is better when that person has some level of expertise in the technology you’ve chosen for your start-up software. If you have no such people around, you can hire another company for testing.



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