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5 min readMay 24, 2021

Introduce AladdinDAO

Scaling DeFi

DeFi has proven to the world that crypto is here to stay.

Ever since the DeFi summer in 2020, billions of dollars have entered DeFi, harvesting yields, deploying complex strategies, and exploring the boundaries of truly permissionless finance.

But one problem remains unsolved: hacks and rugpulls have consistently rekt many.

Compounding the chaos is the frequent noises from the speculators, influencers, and even the richest person on the planet, Elon Musk, who may often quotes false information.

What if you could be part of a community where DeFi experts vet the good farms from the bad?

Introducing AladdinDAO, launched by a consortium of 14 founding contributors and investors — Polychain, Digital Currency Group, 1kx, Multicoin, CMS, Nascent, Alameda, DeFi Alliance, Robert Leshner, Kain Warwick, Hart Lambur, Alex Pack, Ashwin Ramachandran, and Sharlyn Wu — who are passionate about bringing order to the chaotic crypto world.

“One of the most obvious use cases for DAOs has been what we like to call investment clubs. It makes perfect sense to us that this idea should be extended for liquidity mining as well. There is tremendous opportunity in liquidity mining, but also it can be dangerous for novice investors. AladdinDAO is perfectly positioned to popularize this idea, and we are excited to back AladdinDAO early.”

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital.

With DeFi Big Brains

AladdinDAO is a protocol designed to leverage DeFi Big Brains — the best and brightest in our industry — to research and analyze opportunities in DeFi and bring them to the broader community.

“AladdinDAO is a curation game of both people and projects. It is designed to reward diligent industry insiders while simultaneously leveling the playing field so that even casual observers of DeFi can identify the most exciting, rewarding, and trustworthy new protocols.”

Dan Elitzer, Co-founder of Nascent

There are three players on our protocol:

  • DeFi projects: these are projects seeking liquidity
  • DeFi Big Brains: these are DeFi researchers and analysts who curate the best DeFi projects and bring them to the community
  • Yield Farmers: these are DeFi users who participate in various DeFi projects while earning extra rewards farming on Aladdin.

How Does it Work?

The essence of AladdinDAO is a group of committee members, identified as DeFi’s first boule. Boule members are nominated by talent hunters and elected via decentralized governance by ALD token holders.

AladdinDAO is a social experiment where the boule members compete to bring the best DeFi yields to the community. Why would they share the best yield farms with the community? Because boule members are rewarded the most when they find DeFi projects that bring the most profits to AladdinDAO’s yield farmers.

Rewards come from ALD tokens generated through the protocol’s liquidity mining program and are measured on a per epoch basis, ensuring that boule members are constantly researching for new quality projects rather than sitting on the returns of their existing finds.

Yield farmers could self-allocate any amount they choose to the vetted DeFi projects while also being incentivized with liquidity mining rewards.

“As a longtime early-stage technology investor, the thing that excited me most about crypto was the ability to disrupt my own industry: to democratize access to investing for anyone around the world. With the rise of DeFi, now anyone can be an investor. AladdinDAO aims to be the platform that breaks down information and access barriers between the best crypto projects, investors, and would-be investors all around the world.”

Alex Pack, Founder of Sybil Capital

AladdinDAO will start by offering simple strategies that give direct exposures to selected underlying DeFi liquidity mining programs. We plan to expand to multi strategies which can be offered by community developers and DAO members for later development.

AladdinDAO will adopt mechanisms to incentivize talents to participate from the entire DeFi community over time. The Aladdin community holds the philosophy that anyone can build their reputation with the community based on their on-chain track record, not the credentials from Harvard.

Future digital organizations must be DAO-ed

“DAOs are one of the most important innovations in all of crypto. Over time, they will take over and decentralize vast portions of the entire economy. We think the time is finally right for the return of DAOs focused on investment curation, especially as a way to curate and discover DeFi opportunities. AladdinDAO is a novel DAO that is poised to become one of the most important parts of the DeFi ecosystem.”

Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder of Polychain Capital

Besides decentralized money and finance, the most profound and impactful change that crypto brings to the world is the paradigm shift in how human society is organized. Crypto transforms the existing, intermediary-based and corporate-driven market economy into one where individuals can coordinate and trade directly, from around the world with trust minimization.

We believe that the concept of a DAO — a decentralized autonomous organization — will, and has already begun to, re-architect the global economy. Each of us will become a sovereign individual who controls our own keys, our own identities, and our own data. We will have the choice to create and enter into communities that maximize our own interest, all incentivized and serviced by crypto infrastructure.

Today, no individual person or institution can possibly learn fast enough to keep up with the rapid and systematic changes happening in crypto. People need to connect and evolve together. Imagine the costs and management issues for a fund or research firm today to hire 50 world-class experts — it would be totally impossible. As an open network, AladdinDAO doesn’t need to manage these people, the big brains are managed by the community and the automated costs and rewards built into the protocol. AladdinDAO is a structure that can expand to thousands and even tens of thousands of researchers, and potentially service billions of farmers and DeFi users around the world.

AladdinDAO is the first social experiment in crypto where anyone can participate and prove to the rest of the community that they are indeed the best and brightest brains in DeFi. Those who continue to perform will be rewarded for their contributions in discovering new projects, research and analysis, decision-making and curation, and community-building. And those who do not behave honestly will be flushed out. There are no employment contracts, no college degrees or IQ tests required to sign up. You build your own reputation and your own track record and are rewarded for it directly.

Calling all DeFi Big Brains

AladdinDAO is created as a decentralized network to shift crypto investment from venture capitalists to wisdom of crowds through collective value discovery.

What AladdinDAO is not created for is pumping get-rich-quick-schemes, rug-pulling, or short-term thinking. We are long-term thinkers and researchers, bringing the smartest minds together to identify great projects that create value for the community. We are here to help the best projects win and, at the same time, reduce the information asymmetry that makes it hard for everyday DeFi users and farmers to support the best projects.

If you share our vision and want to be part of this first-of-its-kind social experiment, come join us.