Announcing Airdrops for the AladdinDAO community!

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4 min readDec 7, 2021

Fellow Aladdineans …

As you know, contributors to the AladdinDAO community have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks on a complete overhaul of the AladdinDAO tokenomics, and new protocol dynamics that we believe will make AladdinDAO the leader in treasury management of the PCV protocols throughout DeFI. (For more information on these updates, you can refer to our last medium article

What this means, amongst many things, is that our users in the future will be able to bond both principle assets (ETH, BTC, stable-coins) and LP tokens from AladdinDAO’s integrated protocols to buy discounted $ALD, and then auto-stake this $ALD to receive compounding returns over time.

We are super excited by these updates and so we decided why not reward our community, who are clearly deserving, with their devotion so far, by running 3 airdrops (YES 3!) targeting different community segments of AladdinDAO! And so how will this work?

Each of these 3 community segments, who we think are deserving, will have the opportunity to participate in the running to receive their own airdrop of xALD based on different criteria unique to that community segment. At AladdinDAO, one of our key principles is financial inclusivity, allowing anyone in the community, whether a whale or small fish, to have access to the best yield bearing opportunities DeFi has to offer through AladdinDAO!

Staying aligned with this, each airdrop recipient will be receiving xALD, an auto-staked version of ALD, which provides all successful participants immediate access to staking pool rewards that will be released at our launch.

We won’t even require you to use any staking gas fees! Once the airdrop wraps up, all you’ll have to do is sign your claim to your xALD, which will be available at time of launch (middle to late December) here

Over all 3 airdrops up-to 1.5 million xALD will be up for grabs!

And so, let’s announce our first airdrop;

Airdrop of the Initiate!

The initiates of our Mystery School (Boule Plus members are initiates!) have been the most dedicated members of the community. They have strived to educate themselves on each of the protocols pitched every week by the Boule Council, and pledged their worth by voting on their knowledge through weekly voting rounds on Aladdin’s Snapshot page, We are currently in our 7th voting round!

In order to participate, there are four criteria that must be met and completed by the time of the new tokenomic launch (mid to late December. We will get exact details as we get closer to launch!).

1000 xALD for up to 500 Initiates is up for grabs!

The Order of the Lamp!

These criteria are:

1) Becoming an Initiate by staking 5000ALD (you can do this by following the instructions in this link ;

2) Participating in at least 1 voting round (the next voting round will start December 10th 8AM EST. YOU MUST be a Boule Plus Initiate(have staked 5000 ALD) before voting starts to be able to vote. The vote for this will appear at this link;

3) Receiving the “Boule Plus Initiate” Discord Role (once you join our Discord, go to the


channel and write !join, where a collabland bot will personal message you with instructions to verify that you have staked 5000 ALD as required by step 1).;

Some of our most devoted members have already, naturally completed the first 3 criteria! If so, you’ll be able to skip to the 4th criterion!

4) Once the first criteria 3 criteria are met and the next voting round for Boule Plus has finished (December 13th 8AM EST), all successful Initiates will get access to the “#🪂-initiate-airdrop” secret channel where they will be required to type “!rub 0x#” where “0x#” represents the eth address associated with your staking address with the 5000ALD. If your eth address has been successfully retrieved, you’ll get a reply by the bot indicating so. Looking something like this;

You have successfully summoned the genie from the Lamp!

If there has been a mistake, it’ll prompt you to try again. If you successfully put in an eth address, but made a mistake, you can do it again with another eth address. It’ll rewrite your entry associated with your discord name!

Once the launch occurs, we will close the channel where the moderators will be back testing for validity of the eth address, and if successful, will be added to the whitelist ready for the airdrop, claimable through the airdrop website.

(The moderators reserve the right at anytime to disqualify anyone who are suspected to be farming or botting the airdrop).

And that’s it for the first Airdrop!

Keep an eye out for more airdrops to come! 👀