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Letter sent on Jul 9, 2015

I call this look…

Jane, the Oakland mom with unmediated anger issues.

Jane loves composting and Obama and making jam on Sundays with her son Ickus and her partner Isaac. Some might say that Jane has the perfect life: Summers on the Russian River. Weekly trips to the apothecary. Daily tending to her succulents in the California sunshine.

But beneath her bubbly disposition is a rage so pure it’s made grown men (like her son’s principal) cry.

Here are some times Jane has lost her shit:

  • In the parking lot at the Rockridge farmers market. Someone stole a space that was clearly hers and she had to wait another 20 minutes. By the time she got a spot all the kale was gone.
  • At the PTA meeting when she found out the school snacks weren’t organic.
  • Last fall, Isaac made a casual comment at a dinner party about their sex life. Jane really didn’t appreciate him talking about their ass play in public and she ripped him a new asshole in the Subaru on the way home.
  • When Ickus had a play date with his best friend Orin and she found out the nanny allowed them to watch TV.
  • One neighborhood teen likes to drive fast down their otherwise idyllic Oakland street — it is home to ten kids under the age of 7. She may have chased after the car in her pajamas yelling “you little fucker” at the top of her lungs.