Hilariously Funny Compression Clothing Mistakes People Actually Make!

Compression clothing is best when used for the purpose they are designed for. Cross usage can lead to serious wardrobe malfunctions.

The world of fitness and sports wholeheartedly thanks compression clothing for the extended advantages that it has brought to enthusiasts at large. These skin hugging options available as top wears and bottom wears are designed to enhance overall fitness performance by improving blood and oxygen circulation in the body, offering support to and joints, improving sustained power, preventing fatigue and speeding up muscle recovery after every workout session irrespective of how trying it may have been.

The best thing about compression clothing as stated by everyday wearers at large though, is the fact that they look really fashionable and can slim down any wearer by around a couple of dress sizes almost instantly! This again has caused a certain section of the population to get creative and use compression clothing for purposes that grossly overrules its actual purpose. Here are some commonly seen but hilariously funny compression clothing mistakes that people especially women are seen to make time and again…

As leggings under dresses and skirts –

Even custom clothing manufacturers would not have seen this coming. But, yes… this is true! There are women who have actually been seen wearing long compression under their skirts or dresses as an alternative to leggings. Some of them have expressed that it is more comfortable to wear for a long day out because it relaxes the legs blissfully in comparison with regular leggings. Secret desires to look a couple of inches slimmer without getting suffocated is also counted among the reasons why such faux pas are made. The fashion police though may ring their alarm bells if these trend disasters are carried to parties or formal occasions.

As swim wear –

This may sound unbelievably weird but, with a population of 8 billion active and breathing individuals in the planet, goofy ideas as using compression wear as swim clothing should not be surprising. Yes, there are certain rare gems in the world who feel the need to exercise brilliant ideas mostly for the sake of looking better in the pool. Compression shorts, long pants and even compression tanks are usually for the purpose. The truth is, there is not much that can be achieved of it than a zillion eyebrows raised!

Compression tops over a pair of denims –

Wholesale clothing distributors have been exceptionally creative with compression tops over the past couple of years and there are no two ways about it. These tops have been introduced in many different designs, colors and even patterns that make them capable enough to pass as casual wear. This though, does not in any way mean that these options should be used as casual clothing as some geniuses have already tried. People pairing compression tops with denims and even skirts for that matter have been spotted over the past few months for reasons undisclosed. The effect as expected is devastating.

Choosing a size too small to look slimmer –

Besides the mentioned, there is yet another mistake that many individuals who are new to compression clothing are prone to making. This has got everything to do with choosing a size too small in an effort to look slimmer. This is one of those mistakes that have resulted in many people passing out within the first few minutes of workout and is thus strictly warned against.

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