Book Review: Triggered

How Junior Managed to Turn a Conspiracy Into Libel, and Expose His Own India Trip

Wasted opportunities

The Table of Contents gives readers a pretty good idea of what they’re about to encounter.

The Trump-as-Victim Mindset

Playing the Race Card

Trump’s diatribe on racism and how it apparently only affects his family.

Junior Just Made His Father’s Outlandish Hunter-China Story Libelous

Trump claims that Hunter Biden leveraged Chinese contacts while on an official trip to China aboard Air Force Two. Unfortunately for Junior, Hunter Biden never met with government officials and did not walk away with a billion contract — unlike Junior’s trip to India, in which he met privately, behind closed doors, with Prime Minister Modi.

Trump Junior’s Own “Hunter Biden” Trip to India

Donald Trump Jr’s 2018 trip to India was preceded by a huge ad blitz. He met with Prime Minister Modi privately behind closed doors, and took the stage with government officials to discuss international relations.



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Mary Baker

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