Why does an Antifa URL link to Joe Biden’s website?

Internet trolls connected to terrorists created a fake Antifa website and forwarded the URL to Biden’s site.

Trump supporters were quick to accuse Democrats of purchasing the Antifa URL, and aligning with the movement. (Thomas Patterson / Getty Images)

Who owns “Antifa(dot)com”?

NameCheap is responsible for a prank/agitprop site that tries to convince Americans to keep “Arabic numerals” out of US schools.

Who owns NameCheap.com?!?

  • hosting sites that sell illegal goods
  • sponsoring hate sites like 4-Chan and 8-Chan, which were delisted by Google for hosting child pornography, and hosting numerous swatting attacks and terrorist attacks announced and planned by users
  • hosting sites for known Al-Qaeda financiers, ISIS, the Pakistani Taliban and SniperAfrica
  • hosting Stormfront … the most notorious white nationalist site out there
A woman reacts after the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. The attack was planned and announced on 8-chan, a site hosted on Tucows. (Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters)

Does this Antifa site really represent Antifa members?

Can innocent sites protect themselves?



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