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Alaska Gold Rush

Alaska Gold Rush introduction to open-world Play2Earn gold mining experience

It’s time to introduce ourselves and the mission, values, and ideas that brought together a group of experienced Crypto & Gaming enthusiasts. What are the plans for the future? How the game will look like? Why have we decided to go for the Play2Earn mode? For these questions and many others, you will find an answer in this introductory article.


Alaska Gold Rush has been developed on the dedicated game engine for almost a year now by the Polish Stock Exchange Registered company Baked Games. The experienced team of 10 people, consisting of Game Designers and Programmers, Graphic Designers, and Motion Graphics Artists, dedicated their hearts to one of the most interesting projects they ever did — game settled in the times of the Gold Rush in Klondike. During the time of the game being conceptualized, refreshing trends were created and pushed to the mainstream: Play2Earn and Metaverse. Not much time later, the CEO of Baked Games Przemek, met with the crypto experienced crypto co-founders Rafał and Syliwa in order to discuss the possibility of changing the character of the Alaska Gold Rush. The results were obvious — the gold mining simulator is something that is going to work perfectly in blockchain gaming — especially Play2Earn.

Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies are called digital gold for a reason. In simple terms, for Bitcoin transactions to be facilitated, you need miners — so machines that will do computational work. Miners are rewarded with Bitcoin rewards.

Same in Alaska Gold Rush Play2Earn game — the players who are having fun while mining Gold in the game will be at the same time receiving the token rewards that have real-world value! To make the game more realistic, we have opted for the FPP mode. The first-person perspective will allow you to immerse yourself into the austere northern climate of Alaska.

The story in the Alaska Gold Rush

​​Around the year 1896, over 100,000 people from all walks of life decided to abandon their homes and embark on an extended, life-threatening journey. This journey was made just for one purpose — to get filthy rich with the gold that was “just waiting to be found” in the lands of Alaska.

The plot and the story of the Alaska Gold Rush settle around these events and a story of George whose father went on the gold Mining adventure before the “hype” started. He went missing and left only a map and some mining equipment in a small Alaskan town.

Will you find your father and a hidden treasure? We will see, but we can be sure about one thing — the whole process will be exciting!

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