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Alaska Gold Rush partners with reBASE to empower web3 gamers

Here comes great news for the AGR community — we proudly announce our partnership with reBASE! The project is deeply rooted in the NFT and gaming space (also bringing real-world experience!) and we are happy to cooperate on cross-marketing and merging our metaverse experiences. The next steps might involve deeper integration between our NFTs too 💪

“I’m certain this first will be a spark that inspires our communities and teams to bring crypto metaverse experience to the next level.” Rafał Koczan Founder & CEO

What is

reBASE is a new find2earn platform that leverages geolocation technology to layer the metaverse over the real world. This not only creates an immersive experience for users but also makes social interactions on a physical level possible and intrinsic in nature. Using this technology, users can now hunt for NFTs as these will be location-exclusive!

By changing the metaverse experience from web2 to web3 the project aims to become an avenue for celebrities, brands and creators who have not yet ventured into this space to express their worlds and create an engaging community.

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About Alaska Gold Rush

Alaska Gold Rush is an ecosystem that empowers players to earn in-game tokens and NFT’s while enjoying the game. Players can enhance equipment, fight other players, collect gold, and work to survive the harsh lands of Alaska. Gamers can improve elements of their gaming experience or sell/trade on the open market the items they earn in-game and within the metaverse.

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It’s 1897 and your father went missing in a deep Alaskan forest. The only clues you are left with are a pickaxe, an old map, and some dynamite. Are you going to find your father and get rich before the gold fever starts? You better hurry!

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