Alaska Gold Rush
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Alaska Gold Rush

Baked Games Studio — experienced creators of the Alaska Gold Rush game

The grand project needs time and great people to be developed, this is why Alaska Gold Rush is being produced by a group of experienced gaming fans and producers. The studio started creating the Alaskan Gold Rush over a year ago. There is still a lot to be done, but there has been a lot of accomplishment already. Just check some models below — we have created already hundreds of them!

The Baked Games Studio

Even though Baked Games Studio launched in 2015, the idea of creating it was made a long time before this date. The first games created by the studio were made for the mobile games industry and the contractors were often big contractors such as Canal+!

The studio grew in power and the next steps consisted of cooperation with PlayWay and creating the Hotel Dracula game, which gave additional experience for developing and creating something games to Baked Games. Some next titles were produced only by the studio without any external help!

Prison Simulator is one of the most successful Baked Games productions gathered thousands of players from all around the world — 87% most of them had very positive feelings about this title!

Publicly listed company

Apart from numerous titles produced by the studio, Baked Games is a publicly listed company. It means its financial statements, as well as reports, are available for everyone. This way, the value and the trust for creating the best product when it comes to Alaska Gold Rush can be assured!

Let’s get Rich or Die Tryin’ in Alaska together with Baked Games studio! 💰



It’s 1897 and your father went missing in a deep Alaskan forest. The only clues you are left with are a pickaxe, an old map, and some dynamite. Are you going to find your father and get rich before the gold fever starts? You better hurry!

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