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It’s time for the Neo Tokyo AMA recap

We believe Neo Tokyo doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone. We are proud to be hosting a powerful NFT and discord community, and it was a pleasure to talk with you! The whole conversation lasted around 1:30 hour and the written version would be around 20 pages long — this is why it would love to bring some of the most important bits from the whole conversation.


Nil: Welcome everyone to another AMA, my name is Nil and this time will be Alaska Gold Rush coming and talking about their game.

Rafal: Thanks for having us!

Nil: Can you introduce yourself, guys?

Rafal: My name is Rafał I’m CEO of Alaska Gold Rush for the last 10 years I have been running my own digital agency and last 1,5 years we have been developing Alaska Gold Rush game which will be made on blockchain in the Play2Earn style. I would love to tell you more about the project! Firstly, I would love to introduce Sylvia (co-founder) who is here with me. On our team, we have also Nicole (marketing), and Luis (finance, tokenomics, and investor investors).

Sylvia: Hi, I’m Sylvia and I’m a co-founder of Alaska Gold Rush. I’ve been in crypto for years and my activity was investing as well as crypto education for people in Polish and English communities. It brought me to Crypto Society, where I deal with fundamental analysis and business development. I’m a shareholder in the digital assets venture, a fund where we invest in projects at very early stages we deal with marketing and community management.

The Game

Nil: Let’s talk a bit about the game and concept — you are from Poland and you have decided to make a game based in Alaska — Alaska Gold Rush.

Rafal: The origins of the game are as follows. Our CTO Stanisław Bieniek, who is an owner of Baked Games Studio which is developing the Alaska Gold Rush, is an old friend of mine. 2 years ago he wanted to create a game about Alaska anyway. When meeting, we got to some great conclusions together — gold, mining, and crypto work perfectly together! Especially when it comes to the blockchain world — it’s just natural. It’s not forced at all.

If you could, establish a sustainable economy and P2E mechanism you could make a gaming blockbuster that people would love. Gamers love “wild west” games like RDR.

Nil: Getting rich resonates perfectly with the Klondike era times!

Rafał: We are doing extensive research about those times. How the cities and people looked like. In Poland, the Nothern Exposure series was a hit — gave us great inspiration, too. I showed us that life in Alaska was a struggle and lots of dangerous things around.

NFTs in a game

Nil: Why do you think NFTs enhance the Alaska Gold Rush game?

Syliva: When we heard the idea about the game and these times, it was all about the rush and excitement of getting rich very fast. It is a very similar story with crypto, it connects with mining as well. People say BTC is digital gold.

Nil: Have you decided on which blockchain you would like to go on?

Silvia: We are thinking about a cross-chain solution because the game has to have the cheapest and the fastest blockchains.

Nil: Yeah, a game in ETH mainnet doesn’t sound like the best idea for a game with many transactions.

Rafal: Right, additionally — not all the transactions will happen on mainnet. We will be using the bulk transactions, not to congest the network, as it happened in many projects before. It’s a necessity as we are working already with companies which will help us to gather lots of valuable players. Optimization is a very important task for us — with lots of players, full-blown story mode, you got to be prepared.

We were thinking about launching on Solana, but we are researching other chains’ solutions.

The game

Nil: How is the game mode?

Rafal: You start your adventure with a certain set of tools, and you can do an adventure mode or just go to the city. A city is a metaverse option with other players and places where you can get a job (will talk about that later).

In many games, the tutorial is the most boring part that everyone would like to skip. We would to change this paradigm. In Alaska Gold Rush, if you go with the storyline, you get to know the P2E mechanics better. Even if you are not a crypto savvy player, we will teach you how to earn in this metaverse, and proceed in the game.

The other story is about mining gold, if you are just starting and you do not have the money you got to get a job in someone’s goldmine. You should start looking for a job. You can join the guild. As you progress, you might become an owner of a gold mine yourself and profit from some other miners’ work.

To summarize, you can start working, you can start story mode, open your gold mine, or just socialize in the city: Hotel, market, jail, and partners buildings with some surprises.

The equipment

Nil: Tell us more about the equipment when it comes to mining, and striking a gold vein, as well as the rarity of items.

Rafal: Sure, in our game, there will be two types of usable items. Inventory and its upgrades -NFTs. Most of the inventory gets worn out by the damage dealt by the player or the amount of time it was used. This way, the use of digging equipment will be carefully calculated with the mining — the player will have to calculate the rewards that are getting for the purchase or fixing the equipment that is getting worn out to be able to mine further. It’s all about the inflow and outflow of the tokens that have to be balanced.

The durability of the equipment can be additionally improved with the NFTs — the skins. So items will not only look cool like the skins in CS go but also to give boosts to the players.

Hyde Park

Nil: Aren’t you guys amazed how fast this space is changing and developing?

Syliva: We definitely are! Just working on step-to-earn integration into the game :) Just kidding!

NFTs once again

Nil: We talked before, and you haven’t been sure about the numbers of NFTs in the game — something has changed in this regard?

Rafal: Probably, but it’s not set in stone yet 5200 goldmines and nonestablished the number of NFT skins and items.

There will be a whole map of the Alaskan universe, you will be able to know with whom you will be neighboring your gold mine. About the in-game NFTs, we will update you guys as soon as we will know more.

Sylvia: We are open to a partnership with other projects. I think Rafał mentioned before that the cold and hot weather will have a great impact on our character. You will have to get dressed not to freeze in the night and lose HP points. There will be many food items — for upping the energy level. We know that there are many projects specializing in integrating crypto items in the games, and we are very open to partnerships.

Nil: So you will have a starving system?

Rafal: Yeah, we are focusing on the simulation factor as well. The game definitely won’t be like coming to mine and just click, click-click and you get tokens. There will be a whole survival/ simulation part of the game. You can be eaten by the wolf or other animal — you got to keep on weighing with nature.

Nil: So the mines could collapse like in Klondike?

Rafal: Yeah definitely! Being in the mine is quite dangerous, but there are trolleys that can help you get out before everything collapses.

Nill: What about the VR? Is that still in the pipeline?

Sylvia: It will be incorporated, but further down the pipeline. We would like to include only the parts of the game available in VR, not only for the budget reasons but also because it would be just hard to spend so much time in VR — especially with a game that has so much gameplay time to offer.

Rafał: It’s a last step on the roadmap and a completely additional part for the players. For sure, it will be available in the town (metaverse) and during the sleight rides. For practical reasons, it doesn’t make sense to make a whole game in VR.

Nil: Guys, thanks for coming! It was a pleasure to have you.

Sylvia and Rafał: It’s been a pleasure to talk with you and get to know the NEO Tokyo community! If you got any questions, just hop on the Alaska Gold Rush telegram channel.



It’s 1897 and your father went missing in a deep Alaskan forest. The only clues you are left with are a pickaxe, an old map, and some dynamite. Are you going to find your father and get rich before the gold fever starts? You better hurry!

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