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Alaska Gold Rush

Klondike Telegraph’s first edition is here

Here comes the first edition of the most popular Klondike newspaper! At Klondike Telegraph, we will cover all Alaska Gold Rush-related events, news, and speculations. This newspaper is going to be published monthly, and hopefully, at some point, it will become a voice of the community members from the deep Alaskan metaverse.

Let’s review the most important events in the world of the Alaska Gold Rush

AGR at Non-Fungible Conference

Our Founders, Sylvia and Rafał, took a trip to the land of the NFTs. The conference in Portugal gathered together the NFT projects, lovers, and investors in a place full of great discussions and disruptive tech power. It’s been a pleasure to talk to some of you and to establish partnerships (yet to be announced).

The team is growing rapidly

Our newest team member is Marcin, an experienced graphic designer who is also skilled in doing motion design and other forms. His favorite type of work is bringing realism to his characters. Apart from Marcin, we got more RUST software developers that will help us integrate the game on the blockchain!

With them on the board, the Alaska Gold Rush team is over 30 people now.

Gameplay video

The seed investors got to see a real gameplay video from Alaska Gold Rush! We will be publishing it publicly as well, so stay tuned. I got to say it — the Alaskan World looks amazing.

The plot gets an upgrade

It’s been decided, that we will put much bigger effort into the storyline. The story of George becoming a gold miner during the search for his father will receive many additional characters and side quests to enjoy the AGR to the fullest.

New website

The power of great looking website in the crypto world is often undervalued. It attracts investors in a world of thousands of new (often low-quality) tokens and crypto projects. If you liked our old website, which is quite decent, the new one will blow your mind for sure.

Demo of the game, and the new engine

By the end of April, we are aiming to have an early demo of the Alaska Gold Rush, with the possibility of sightseeing a beautiful Alaskan land. Why does land is looking so great in the AGR world? It’s because the game engine has been updated, and the game looks now much better than what you have seen in the trailers.

Game token economics

Great tokenomics in the Play2Earn game is what makes it worthwhile. Oversupply, glitches, and loopholes can make the game instantly unusable. This is why we will rely on the experts — a team that has helped Axie Infinity to improve its tokenomics.

Let’s stay in touch

We are preparing the AMA for our community with our CEO, Rafał. There will be some rewards and tough cross-questioning, so it’s definitely worth coming over. More info about the event will be published on our Telegram & Twitter.



It’s 1897 and your father went missing in a deep Alaskan forest. The only clues you are left with are a pickaxe, an old map, and some dynamite. Are you going to find your father and get rich before the gold fever starts? You better hurry!

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