Alaska Gold Rush
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Alaska Gold Rush

The story of George

I clutched the pickaxe, map, and dynamite as I ventured into the dark Alaskan forest. My father had disappeared a few months ago and these were all the clues he left behind. I had to find him — there was no telling what could happen if I didn’t.

As I walked, the trees seemed too close around me. The further in I went, the more nervous I became. And then, finally, I saw it — a small opening in the rocks that must have been where my father entered.

I stepped inside and suddenly felt a sense of dread wash over me. This place was spooky — maybe even haunted. But I had to press on if I ever wanted to see him again. There was also another driver for this trip — the GOLD ($AGR), that could make me stop working in a factory till my fingers bleed. I don’t want to go back to New York to live this miserable life! All the events, the letter, the shoe factory, and my mother's death were left behind when I entered this place.

The Previous Life — How it all Started

I swallowed hard as I was reading the letter for what felt like the hundredth time. My father has been gone for years now, in search of a fortune that would finally make our family wealthy. It must definitely have been a long and difficult journey for him, but I didn’t care — he left me and my mother. He was dead to me.

Soon, my mother got sick, too. She went to a better place. It was up to my father to take care of me, and his little daughter, and keep the family together. He didn’t show up, and never arrived back from his gold hunting experience.

I worked tirelessly at the shoe factory, 14 hours a day, earning just pennies an hour. But it was all worth it if it meant that my little sister and I could have a better life.

The letter from my father was something I did not expect or even want to read. But I had to — he was my father after all…

He is dead.

The Letter

The letter said that he had left me an inheritance, waiting for me in Alaska.

I was tired of working long hours in a job I hated. Maybe this inheritance was my chance to start over. I packed up my belongings and set off for Alaska.

The journey was long and arduous, but finally, I arrived at the destination written in the letter. It was a beautiful valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The local innkeeper greeted me warmly and introduced himself as the author of the letter. Maybe my father is not dead after all.

This is the way how it all started, folks!




It’s 1897 and your father went missing in a deep Alaskan forest. The only clues you are left with are a pickaxe, an old map, and some dynamite. Are you going to find your father and get rich before the gold fever starts? You better hurry!

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