ALAX Greets New Collaborators From the Gaming Industry

Are you familiar with the proverb “Many hands make light work”? In ALAX’s case, it would be better to say “Many hands make a successful launch for a mobile game app store and ensure a better reach to potential customers”. Luckily, we have Egret Technology and Bellotec to grant us another set of hands and help us with this job.

ALAX is excited to announce a freshly signed LOI (Letter of Intent) with Egretia, the blockchain lab of the Chinese giant, Egret Technology. The parent company offers a HTML5 mobile solution and services for game studios and developers. Their Egret Engine, is the tool of choice for 200,000 HTML5 developers. With its cross-platform ability, Egret Engine is a all-in-one solution, highly popular in the Chinese developer world and used by almost 75% of the local HTML5 game creators.

But back to Egretia — the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, built with the help of experts from Adobe or Qualcomm. This revolutionary lab has a global perspective. It cooperates with Egret Technology’s overseas partners and develops blockchain-related technologies on their behalf. What does it mean for the future of gaming? Egretia Blockchain will allow all HTML5 games, powered by the Egretia engine and proprietary tools, to easily access blockchain and use capabilities such as digital wallets, smart contracts, virtual trading, data storage and many more.

Wen Xiangdong, VP of Egret Technology, says: “ALAX is proving a much-needed service to our game developers. Previously, game developers would have had to wait for the settlement for up to 6 months. Now, through ALAX, they will receive the payment immediately, giving them peace of mind. This truly incentivises our developers to create engaging and enjoyable content.”

We are big fans of Egretia’s vision and we feel honored that they chose ALAX as the ultimate payment solution for game developers. HTML5 games are steadily gaining popularity across the region, and with this LOI, ALAX is in the perfect position to take the advantage of this trend.

Future collaboration was also agreed upon with the tech specialist, Bellotec — one of the biggest companies in China and SEA providing cross-border app solutions for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) to overcome their problems while entering emerging and other SEA markets. They offer a variety of integration solutions, ranging from websites, social media promotion, application development, payment integrations for e-commerce. However, the most important is that they also focus on game distributors. In other words, ALAX will have instant access to hundreds of games developers and users.

With years of experience in implementing overseas projects, Bellotec can now provide tailor-made solutions for local applications in China. Their core members also come from world-class companies, such as Amazon and Nokia, which further proves the quality of their products and services.

We are glad that our hard work and endless networking brought us these new collaborators. They think globally, just like we do, and we believe that together we can change the old-fashioned gaming industry and give it a breath of fresh air.

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