ALAX Makes the Jump to DCore

Great news from over here at ALAX! After 7 months of intense development, our tech team is excited to bring a real-world product to life, and the first step will be the ALAX migration to DCore. On Wednesday, November 14 2018, we will be switching over to the DCore platform! As the new kids on blockchain (pun intended), we are thrilled to announce we will be bringing our mobile app store for gamers to its new home on DCore.

Disclaimer: Important, time-sensitive information for all ALX token holders below, keep reading!

A little history of us

We are a joint venture between DECENT and Dragonfly. Our TGE (Token Generation Event), back in April 2018, created a lot of buzz about the project and we’ve been working hard to make ALAX the best mobile blockchain marketplace for gamers. A unique attribute of our marketplace is that it will be available to everyone, including a concentrated population of more than 2 billion people in South East Asia who have no direct access to banks (according to World Bank’s Global Findex 2014).

Basically, if you have cash and a smartphone with access to the Internet, you will be able to enjoy all the wonders of ALAX in the palm of your hands. Mobile game developers will have the opportunity to publish their products and experience all the benefits of DCore, such as instant payouts, time-stamped records, revenue sharing and much more.

Why make the swap?

Our token, ALX, was initially hosted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 ALX, but compared with Ethereum blockchain, DCore is our ideal choice. We will use DCore in the transaction layer, taking advantage of its incredible speed (2,000+ TPS), stability and security. Our team is currently working on an in-depth instructional guide for the upcoming token swap, which is aligned with the move to DCore, and will release it soon.

How will it happen and who should pay attention?

All ALX holders, please take note. The migration to DCore is important for each and every one of you. This migration will result in a token swap from ERC20 ALX tokens to official ALX tokens hosted on DCore, and some actions may be required for ALX holders. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared an in-depth token swap guide on how to do this, which will be released at the same time as our official token swap goes live, and we will provide real-time tech support in our official ALAX Telegram group.

There will be two ways for you to swap your tokens:

1) If your ERC20 ALX tokens are in an Ethereum wallet (we recommend MyEtherWallet), you will need to follow a few simple steps, which are thoroughly outlined in the guide mentioned above, in order to successfully swap your tokens.

2) If your ERC20 ALX tokens are on an exchange (CoinBene, Liquid and Crex24), then depending on which exchange you hold them on, you may have to do an additional step.

  • As of this writing, CoinBene will fully participate in the ALAX token swap and they will do the swap automatically for you. You need to do nothing at all, except from keeping your tokens on the CoinBene exchange.
  • If your tokens are in either Liquid or Crex24 you will have two options to complete the swap properly. A) You create an account on CoinBene exchange (if you don’t already have one) and send your ERC20 ALX tokens to that account before Wednesday, November 14 2018 (GMT 9:00AM) and they will automatically do the swap for you.

B) Create an account with an ERC20 compatible wallet (we recommend MyEtherWallet) and send your ERC20 ALX from Liquid or Crex24 to that wallet. Then follow the steps in our instructional guide (to be released soon) to complete the token swap.

We will let you know in real-time on our official ALAX Telegram group about all the updates and information on the token swap. You can also chat with our team there if you have any questions or concerns. Also, make sure to follow us on social media for other updates and announcements.