BlockShow Europe 2018 Hosted ALAX

28–29 May, Berlin, Germany

Equipped with a good portion of enthusiasm, drive, and flyers, the ALAX team decided to fly to the nearby city of Berlin to present our project during BlockShow Europe 2018, an event powered by the famous Cointelegraph.

When it comes to blockchain, we certainly don’t want to miss out on is the chance to meet with the community, network with the top experts in the field, discover new exciting projects and initiatives, and learn more about global regulations — a topic that resonates strongly within the entire Blockchain world.

The organizers have traveled around Europe to put together all the pressing questions regarding today’s blockchain ecosystem, and prepared an original agenda full of inspirational speeches, panel discussions and prize-givings. The organizers used the first blockchain-based app for global polling, Polys, to allow the community to vote for their favorite project in categories such as Game-Changing Blockchain Company, The Most Influential Blockchain Lady, The Best Project of BlockShow Europe 2018, or The Best Startup. The winner of the latter “Oscar style” award, Shelf.Network, is taking home the main prize of €50,000 to boost their project big time!

A two-day event usually offers enough room to discuss all sorts of topics, from fintech through Blockchain of Things, humanitarian, AI, cybersecurity or game industry. We were glad there was a whole “Solution Session” dedicated to gaming, an area that is close to us. Will blockchain drive the evolution of the game industry? We hope so :-) The session, moderated by the Forbes journalist (and also our good friend) Rachel Wolfson, portrayed the similarities between some aspects of the gaming industry and blockchain technology.

Gamers usually have a better understanding of the value of virtual currency, digital items and their marketplace. That means they can actually see the benefits that blockchain technology can bring to the gaming industry. This goes mostly for its high level of security that prevents the accounts from getting hacked and allows gamers to trade digital items with zero risks, thanks to smart contracts. Every digital asset can now be tokenized and officially owned by someone — that is what makes the trading process more transparent, safer, and therefore fun.

You can watch the whole discussion here (starting at 5:49:29).

This gathering was designed specifically for those who are planning to implement blockchain in an existing business, just like ALAX is aiming to do with our mobile games app store based on blockchain technology. Armed with new, valuable insights and pepped-up by the creative atmosphere, we feel stronger than ever.

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