Elite Field #berlinmarathon 2017 with men pacers

I publish only legal material and these lists are found on official website of the race..Nothing strange…

It was only a bit long to create them.

Probably i have missed some top names and my apologies to all of them



Big news are pacers men and looking entrylists should be clear that pacers of first group will be Sammy Kitwara ,Geoffrey Ronoh and Gideon Kipketer.

A very good choice with guys able to run very fast.And this is a good hope for the race for something special.

Many women will run with personal pacer (as usual in Berlin ) so difficult to find who pace who.

My question now will be which pace at the half for both races:there are some rumors but will be clear in next days

Alberto Stretti

the world of running and track and field

Alberto Stretti

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Alberto Stretti

the world of running and track and field

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