Joshua Cheptegei 41.17 on 15k:what a race from him!

Joshua Cheptegei (Uga) clocked 41.17 in Nijmegen in SevenHills realizing second fastest ever time on 15k missing WorldRecord of Leonard Komon (Ken for only 4 sec.

2.36–2.50 -2.51 as first 3chilometers in 8.17 for a very audacious start from Cheptegei with pacers Kipkemboi and Chumo .A split of 13.56 at 5km gave us the idea of a very serious race.

Joshua Cheptegei staied alone around 8km when he left last pacer as Noah Kipkemboi:

At nineth km,Cheptegei started his own show:

He crossed the 10k in unofficial 27.44 before going to 12k in 33.22 with this splits:

He closed very fast with 7.56 last 3k and signed an excellent 41.17.What a pity for a WR missed but “ There is always a tomorrow “ .

I was suprised about his running style another time.I am sure he will be a great legend for coming years: so young and so nice watch him running.