Sondre Moen 59.47 on the halfmarathon.A brief chat.

So happy about Sondre Moen!!

So happy to read his new pb 59min47sec on halfmarathon!So happy to honoured to have had him competing on track last June in our GavardoMeeting.

Today he competed in Valencia Half and he clocked a superb race:

He realized third ever best time in Europe on distance but second on omologated course: only Mo Farah with 59.32 in front of him!!

I was suprised to see him in the first group at 5k but he was sure about himself as he told me earlier at phone:

“I knew i could run 2.50min per k but when u are in mid of the group,running 2/3 seconds faster is easier.My coach Renato Canova,told me to stay in first group at beginning and his wiew was correct also this time.”

Sondre staied with 3 leaders till 10k in 27.56 and then let them go:

“I left 3 go away and decide to stay with following group to dont kill me.Pace slowing down btw 10k and 11k and decided to go alone and improved my pace.I ran second half totally alone but i am really happy about how i competed.Someone told me i have lost only 20sec btw 10k and 17k from leaders,infact i finished very fast and confident.”

It is interesting to understand when he thought to think about this time and thinking it could be right day:

After 15k i was thinking about chrono and i promised to myself to dont lose the opportunity to catch my goal.According to Canova,i came here to compete under 61.00 but feeling ok to try the best.Not really surprised about today:i am improved so much this year sono i was sure something could have happened soon.

Sondre Moen looks like very improved on track this year:

Yes,on track i am really better and my 13.20 on 5000m says i am on right way.I am really happy about it.Tomorrow i will go to Kenya to prepare my next marathon and i am sure i can do my best also there:feeling very confident in my new shape.

A great comparison between splits of Moen and Cheroben:

courtesy of Alberto Mazzucchelli