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Introducing Alchemy Notify: Bringing Notifications to Blockchain Apps

Today we are excited to launch Alchemy Notify, a new product for the Alchemy blockchain developer platform that solves one of the most critical UX problems in blockchain: real-time notifications for transactions and events.

Get started here with Alchemy Notify.

In contrast to seamless modern-day online purchases with instant confirmation, blockchain transactions often require continuous monitoring and page refreshing while waiting for blocks to be mined. The entire blockchain transaction ecosystem is predicated on this necessity for constant attention and this friction is often enough to turn away users with money in transit.

Studies show that daily push notifications can increase user retention by up to 820%. This demand only grows as products scale and reach new users. Alchemy Notify delivers instant feedback and peace of mind for users, which translates into higher engagement and increased word-of-mouth for app developers.

With Alchemy Notify, we’re pleased to say that blockchain developers are an important step closer to delivering experiences to which users of traditional applications are accustomed.

At Alchemy, we’re fanatical about listening to developers and delighting them with new solutions to continually improve their applications. We believe our obsession with our customers is the biggest reason Alchemy is the leading blockchain developer platform relied upon by MyEtherWallet, Dharma, Kyber, Maker, 0x, and others.

Get started now with Alchemy Notify in under 10 minutes.

Alchemy is the leading blockchain developer platform, powering millions of users and 70% of the top blockchain apps including Maker, 0x, MyEtherWallet, Dharma, Kyber.

Backed by Stanford University, Coinbase, the Chairman of Google, Charles Schwab, and founders and executives of globally leading organizations, Alchemy powers billions of dollars of transactions for top companies around the world and has been featured in TechCrunch, Wired, Bloomberg and numerous other media outlets.

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