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In order to streamline our communication for different ecosystem parts, we have migrated this blog to a new home on the website.

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After months of development and many weeks of tests with hundreds of testers, the game has been finally deployed on the Mainnet of the Binance Smart Chain. You are invited to join the game-play and invent your own unique strategies to play it and to profit!

Where can you start?

  1. Visit for full description of the game and its economics (make sure to read the disclaimer, too!)
  2. Visit to start playing (you can test-drive the game on the Testnet first)
  3. If you want to participate passively…

We noticed that we have been very focused on product development and business operations lately. Time for an update!

It might look like not much is happening, but we actually made important progress.

Minted Vodka

The beta version of our NFT exchange “Minted Vodka” it set to launch on June 28th. We really hope that Solidity Finance finished the audit by then as they promised because we would prefer to have their approval for the launch.

For those who are interested I would love to give some insight on what has been going on lately. We managed to finish some…

The story

Today on 17th of June 1999 the first Matrix Movie was released in several countries.

There is not much to say about it, except: “The matrix is a system Neo, that system is our enemy.”

The story

Today is 1st of June and we dedicate it to John Cor.

John Cor is the name of the monk referred to in the first known written reference to a batch of Scotch Whisky on 1st June 1494.

1st June is also the day, when in 1919 Finland enacted prohibition, as one of the first acts after independence from the Russian Empire. Four previous attempts to institute prohibition in the early twentieth century had failed due to opposition from the tsar.

The story

Today, on May 23rd 1951, exactly 70 years ago, one of the greatest World Chess Champions was born: Anatoly Karpov. He was the official world champion from 1975 to 1985 when he was defeated by Garry Kasparov.

The story

For the past four years, Alexey Molchanov has been the undisputed best all-around free diver in the world. He broke yet another world record in March 2021, this time beneath an icy surface.

Molchanov, swam 80 meters, or approximately 262 feet, beneath the one-meter-thick icy surface and back up on a single breath. This goes out to the HODLers out there: “Hold your breath, and dive through the market depths — like a champion!”


1. Hold on your wallet a Full-House with the following cards:

  1. Three “Deepwater Fins” with serial number above #80 (80 meters!).
  2. Two “Deepwater Flatfish” with serial number above #80 (80 meters!).

2. Be the first

As soon as you complete this…

The story

The tides of markets are seldom predictable. A true Alchemist knows what he wants and is not impressed by the panic outside. “This is fine” — as the meme goes. Only the strong will survive. Only the brave will be rewarded by the Alchemy Gods.

The story

Some TOYS types are already being minted with 3-digit serial numbers (as can be seen here: Other TOYS are quickly following. As we are on the verge of change into the triple-digits territory, let us celebrate this fact by sacrificing 3 of the 3-digit TOYS.

Will you be the one who makes this offering to the Alchemy Gods?


1. Sacrifice 3 TOYS with serial number #100

And make this sacrifice in one transaction!

2. Be the first

As soon as you complete this challenge, post the transaction hash on our Discord #challenges channel here:

Only the first transaction that is reported and verified will get the prize. If you complete…

The story

Once in a while, the Gods smile down at us. There is no luck in Alchemy! The devoted prayers are heard and the starts might align themselves just right to help you with this challenge. Do you feel lucky today?


1. Get two cards of third level in one single worship.

That’s it! Sounds easy? It is not. And it might take time for the fellow TOYS collectors to complete it. So keep an eye on your worships. You might be the lucky one!

2. Be the first

As soon as you complete this challenge, post the transaction hash on our Discord #challenges channel here:

Only the first transaction that is reported and verified…

Alchemy Toys

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