How do you imagine your future?

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2 min readMar 22, 2021


Our imagination is limitless. Our future is limitless.

When you were a child you were the creator of your world. You could be inside or outside your home, but you would imagine yourself in space, on a mountain or conquering the world with your friends. You would rely on your friends to be your partners or to create a new world. A world for you to play in.

Our purpose is to revive our inner child. Our unstoppable self. To bring it into our present and future life. And to rely on each other.

Therefore, a limitless future, from our point of view, can only be a decentralised one. For us, the blockchain represents a world with no limits.

The non-editable source of truth that blockchains provide, alongside their decentralised transaction system and their smart contracts, allow us to act as one.

At this moment, all important universities, big banks, many bodies of power, as well as most of the Fortune 500 companies hire blockchain experts to capitalize on this technological advancement. The current blockchain solutions, however, failed to meet the promise of scalability (see Bitcoin’s 7 transactions per second and Ethereum’s $15 transaction cost).

Here comes the Elrond Network.

A seemingly limitless technology for you and me. For us.

With its high throughput, low latency and low fees, Elrond is the first project to meet these promises at the scale of the internet and is now accessible to anyone, anywhere. Elrond is just like our imagination.

We intend to remind ourselves and everyone else that anything is possible. Just like we knew as children.

Ever since learning about Elrond, even before the mainnet launch, we knew we wanted to take part in such a BIG project and joined the network as validators.

This is also why, now, in phase 3 of the Elrond staking, we decided to join the great community of staking service providers and to help create a limitless future.

The future is decentralised. The future is limitless.

Join us in this future!



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