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The End of the F***ing World Soundtrack: Some Thoughts

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It’s a bizarre moment that I came to know this series. I remember it was a random search and suddenly I just fell for it because of its explicit title. But this post is not really about the show. Still, I recommend to have a look at it. The show is beautifully produced, with strategical shooting arrangement making the stories appealing.

One thing that always brings my attention to when I watch movies or TV series is the music. The careful use of music can greatly upgrade the rhythm and phenomenon of the story. And I think this series doing it successfully.

The shows itself is toned with vintage blue, semi-desaturated brown-ish green, which basically defines the whole theme of the story. Dark humor and ridiculous plots are main settings which I enjoy so much. The soundtracks the show has chosen perfectly convey these ideas.

I must admit that I haven’t heard of most of the songs before, neither have I known about the singers. This collection of tracks have blown my mind. There are couples of light-hearted songs blended into some intense scenes, which I found persuasively making audience accept what they have just seen, even it should have been an undisclosed violent moment.

At seventeen, Laughing on the Outside, and End of the World maybe are the ones that are most romantic and talking most about the intimate growth of these two kids. I like the songs that are with lazy tones and an attitude like overlooking at everything just like everyone does in their adolescence.

Another interesting point about this soundtrack collection is it selects many different genres like jazz, rock, country, blue, early pop, etc. But in a way they all speak the same idea as this show wants to speak. I am very amused and amazed by these tracks from 1950s, 60s… 80s. The thick retro brings the story back like it happened in the past while it is actually happening now. This sense of withdrawal from time emphasizes the audience ‘nostalgic memory.’ To me, even though I was not there, I can totally relate to the anxiety, insecurity, and complexes of the characters as if I have those feelings myself at some points.

I was thinking if there is a crew dedicated to select the music for this show. To my surprise, it was the director Johnathan Entwistle and the original story writer (comic book artist) Charles Forsman in charge of the selection. I am happy that I seem to have the similar idea as Mr. Entwistle does when reading his comments in the interview.

Maybe one day when my music library is broad enough I can do the selection for some motion pictures. Well, that’s a thought.



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