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In the whole world, 60% of the total populations own a mobile phone. This application makes SMS marketing one of the most important channels for publicizing your businesses. An SMS enables you for direct communication with your customer. Moreover, it is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing as bulk SMS pricing in India is very less. With the growth of technology, several other types of marketing channel have come out but, for the majority of the marketing teams, bulk SMS marketing remains the primary marketing channel. After delivery, bulk customers open SMS, about 98% of this message within three minutes.

By sending bulk SMS, you can reach your existing customers along with some new customers. Alcodes is one of the world’s leading bulk SMS service platform, helping businesses to reach some customers within the shortest time through various bulk SMS packages.

So, if you have made your mind to start bulk SMS campaign for your business, then here are few tips which you can follow for getting maximum success.

1. Divide your customer

For maximum profit, it is required that your SMS reaches only relevant customers. These you can achieve by incorporating your CRM with the message platform. Therefore, it is essential to do segmentation between relevant customers and random customers. With maximum customers having smartphones, you can easily keep a track on who is clicking on your Ads, and accordingly, you can improve with time.

2. Perfect timing

Time plays a significant role in every activity. Therefore, for successful bulk SMS campaigning, you should send your SMS at favorable times. Then you can send SMS embedded with “deals that will expire soon” option for increasing the curiosities among customers.

3. By sending reminder or triggered message

These triggered messages are sent when some regular customer suddenly lose interest in your business. Then you can send SMS to them with some deals to develop their interest. This is called triggered message that helps in provoking customers.

4. Keep your SMS short

This factor is one of the essential tips for getting success in the campaign. The content of the bulk SMS should be crispy and straightforward. Write your message in such a way that customers will get required information in a short read.

5. Try to create a sense of urgency

While sending bulk SMS, choose a time when you will need your customer to react immediately to some exclusive offers with insufficient time. Alcodes sends SMS to its customers within 5 secs.

6. Send relevant message

Sending bulk, SMS to your customer is your privilege not right. Therefore, don’t make a mistake of bothering your customer with too many irrelevant messages. Your messages should be like if you don’t send, your customer will miss them rather than being irritated with so many messages.

Thus, we can see that for a successful bulk SMS campaigning, we need to send an SMS with excellent content to a relevant customer at the right time.


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