Double Your Profit With These 6 Tips On Bulk Sms

Jan 19, 2018 · 2 min read

If you are new to mobile marketing, must be wondering, what is bulk SMS? Bulk SMS is sending SMS to a large number of recipients in a single click. Nowadays, it has become one of the cheapest methods of mass communication, as bulk SMS pricing in India is very less compared to other traditional forms of marketing like advertising and Email marketing.

The advancement of technology and with increased use of mobile phones, bulk SMS has become a popular way to reach people in less time without spending much money.

Alcodes is one of such leading bulk SMS messaging service provider that helps in connecting with the customers through text messages. It provides fully integrates SMS with all necessary tools and features.

Here are few benefits we get by using bulk SMS services for marketing:

1. Reaching more people: About 95–98% of SMS’s are opened and read by customers, which is quite impressive as compared to 20% of emails opened by receivers. We offer instant delivery of messages, it becomes easier to reach the customers fast. With less time and more open rates, bulk SMS helps in reaching more people.

2. Rapid Growth in business: Bulk SMS reaches a large number of people in less time, thus leading to more leads, more engagement and of course more business.

3. Cost-effective: With Alcodes, you will be charged very less money per SMS, thus making it the most affordable form of reaching customers.

4. Minimum equipment requirement: Sending bulk SMS with our app is very simple, with various options and features available while sending SMS.

5. User-friendly with easy plans available according to need of the business: We provide various Bulk SMS plans, with an option to customize it according to your requirements. For this service can be used by small, medium and large enterprises without any disturbances.

6. Easy personalization: SMS messages can be easily personalized as per the target audience buying behavior and demographics, and reach out to them within seconds.

With Alcodes sending Bulk SMS to target audience becomes easier and the 24 hours support team is really a boon.


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