How to Save Money by adding Two Factor Authentication

Apr 24, 2018 · 2 min read

Online crime or data breaching is not a new thing. But, there has always been solution to prevent it. Certain solutions have turned up the cost spent in protecting the data and accounts that has been financially heavy. Therefore, the SMS service providers have come up with multi-factor authentication, to keep the transactions secure.

What is 2-Factor authentication?

Also known as, the multi-factor authentication, 2-Factor authentication (2FA) is data protection login method. It uses the verification and validation steps to authenticate any user profile or data. 2-factor authentication is used for preventing any kind of security breach.

It is a one- time code, which is send to the genuine user. This code is in form of a text message on the registered mobile number. This code is unique every time the user logs in, so that it is difficult for any fake user to misuse the user account.

How can multi-factor authentication be a money-saver?

Social platforms like Google, Facebook or even your bank accounts, use multi-factor authentication system. Time is money, and both are saved by integrating 2 factor authentications in bulk SMS price. This can be done by the SMS service providers to gain customers. They can aware their clients about the online data security. Besides that multi-factor authentication cushions data breach, it can elevate a business with lots of savings.

  1. Lower number of IT support query: Two Factor authentication can reduce the number of IT helpdesk tickets. This will diminish the time spend by the IT professionals. Usually, IT desk has to set/reset the passwords for multiple users, which will wave-off. It will help the user to keep their account safe in short text alerts of login.
  2. Increase in operations: As the number of help desk query reduces, the operations can uplift by focusing more on services. The authentication alerts via SMS can help the client to track the activity. Thus, allowing the operations team to enhance their services.
  3. Save from over-budget: The integration of multi-factor authentication in the bulk SMS price eases up the work for the vendors. These bulk SMS packages can prove beneficial for business. It is a one-time investment and helps in making right technology purchasing decisions.

2 Factor authentication inflates the marketing strategy for any type of business. It is an additional security layer to enhance output and lowering the online risks.


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