Revitalise your sales this festive season with SMS marketing

Sep 26, 2018 · 4 min read

As the season of festival is arriving soon, every business unit is preparing something new and creative to gain a competitive edge over others. SMS marketing is that stand-alone tool that can help you envisage your marketing strategies in the best possible way. Therefore, it becomes quite important to formulate an effective strategy to turn on the sales in the coming festival season.

Beginning with the formulation of prior marketing strategies and plans can really help you attain the set targets. This is because as the time of festival season will come nearer the competitors will probably formulate a strong strategy that may be, you won’t able to withstand. Hence, early optimization of opportunities and threats can really help you out in a long way.

New marketing strategy with new market trends

The most common and vital use of SMS is that it keeps the customers informed about all their purchases, right from the ordering to delivery and post-delivery. With the emergence of new market trends and competition, SMS marketing is quite worthful when it comes to hitting the market trends with best-ever strategies.

Nowadays, the issue of security has gained popularity and that’s why many of the e-commerce sites use OTP SMS or one time Pins(two factor authentication) as an effective security measure that on one hand provide a sense of security to your customers and on the other hand, helps you gain a competitive edge over others. Combining all together, you need to inculcate text marketing as the most effective tool to get adjusted into new market trends and alternatively use it as an opportunity.

Integrating marketing strategies with SMS marketing

As stated above text marketing is a very effective technique that can help you to explore your business and take it to the next level. There are some suggestions and measures that will really work in boosting your sales this festive season.

  • Early bird is the point of attraction

If you really want to establish your brand name in the market, be the early bird and become the point of attraction. You should start planning atleast 3 months in advance. Just observe what were the previous plans and strategies of your competitors and then carefully envisage your strategy. Here SMS marketing is the best tool that can help you grab the opportunity of an early advantage.

  • Innovate your competition

Well, it’s quite important to look out of the box and think something innovative. But it is not always the same. Sometimes you can bring out the best in the market with just looking into the box. The only thing that matters is the sense of belongingness that your marketing plan must possess. Customers feel very connected when they are addressed as the priority.

  • Brand awareness tactics

Nowadays, almost in every online business, the brand name works. So whatever strategy you are envisaging must contain some brand awareness tactics. After all your main aim is to establish your brand and create brand loyalty among the customers. With the help of SMS marketing, you can make the customers aware of your product and services and thus, creating brand loyalty.

  • Figure out the environment and offer gift suggestions

Before applying any strategy into your business, you most importantly require a proper analysis of the business environment. All the aspects related to customer’s taste and preferences, competitors’ strategies, new market trends, sales techniques and what not, are needed to be analyzed. According to an analysis, you can offer gift suggestions through text messaging to the customers, this will help you gain customer retention in the market.

  • Involve your customers

People nowadays feel more satisfied when they are involved in the discussions. With the help of bulk SMS services, you can involve customers by asking them about their tastes and preferences. This will help you in two ways; one you will get more customer retention and second, you will get to know the preference of the customers in the trend.

  • Bring some connectivity

Connectivity is the game of the moment. Until you are not connected to customers, they will not get into what you are trying to make them know. So always keep in mind about the customer ideology while formulating a marketing strategy. Here, SMS marketing is the best marketing strategy to get connected with the customers.

Well formulating a perfect strategy can prove to be a game changer for you this festive season. Alcodes provides you best bulk SMS service operating across 200 countries so that you can grab the early advantage and establish a competitive edge over others. Secondly, we provide you the lifetime SMS service with the most economical pricing plans. Therefore, we are ready to serve you in any way. Feel free to contact.


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