Up your advertising game with commercial SMS Marketing

May 16, 2018 · 3 min read

When we talk about promotional strategies, there are a number of platforms, which help in increasing the advertisement game. With the increase in the technology, the options have increased. Among the traditional and most trustworthy methods, there exists commercial SMS Marketing.

The commercial SMS Service is the right source, which sends technical messages to the audiences, which have a particular language and can easily capture the interest of the people. Not only this strategy will help you to capture the market but there are other reasons as well which prove it a great source. Given below is the list of the same.

Budget-friendly option
When we consider Bulk SMS service for the commercial purpose, it is budget friendly in contrast with other sources such as pamphlet, TV or magazine publicizing. Even if we talk about the best bulk SMS service provider, they are even less priced than the other mediums of promotion.

Example: Promoting a business/service by commercial SMS marketing commonly to people of the user-identified groups is easy, less pricey and convenient.

Simple to Reach
Individual users need not get worried about any kind of web association. This involves you to accomplish a number of clients with SMS gateway than with any other phase.

Example: You need not go to probable consumers daily, no need for huge investments in advertising and banners. “New batches of XXXX Coaching for IAS is now here in your city, to attend demo classes register on xxxxx”

High rate of opening
Bulk SMS marketing has a staggeringly high open rate in contrast to other marketing tactics. Moderately every SMS which is sent gets open inside 10 minutes. The SMS service should make sure ROI of the reader to the sender.

Even people believe in opening the SMS as they are short and just explained in one or two lines with a link attached which makes them easy to open and read as compared to emails that are mostly long and have a number of attachments, which makes them boring for the customers.

High rate of conversion
You get a high rate of client conversion with SMS API which you actually do not get with other ways of marketing. The good conversion rate is equally advantageous to both user and reader.

For increasing the rate of response of making it more interactive you can send polls or rankings or some kind of research work by which people could express their concern. It actually makes public more glued to you. The bulk SMS API provider usually makes it a point to make SMS in such a way that customer feel like replying to your message.

On the off chance, that you look out for sending SMS in bulk to your client base then mobile is not a respectable choice. You require something vigorous and practical that you get from SMS service providers.

Systematic Customer Support
This is one of the most vital factors as it provides expert solutions and superior customer support irrespective of the organization turns to be an immense support.

It is an engaging act
If you are similar to other users, you are quite engaged in the SMS service and you open it very quickly. You do not ignore any kind of message as you expect that messages provide you with good deals. So, it is quite engaging and people usually make it a point to not to ignore any kind of message.


Thus to conclude Commercial SMS Marketing Service is a great sphere when it comes to advertising your business and making it strong. This strategy is not just for the new ventures which are coming up and have to make their place in the market but it is quite beneficial for the already present sources in the market as well as it is a platform which is engaging and can never fade away from the market.


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