Progress on Final Project

As I have begun developing a website for my final project, I am faced with challenges and pleasant discoveries. I chose a platform called Persona to publish my work titled In Praise of Sunlight; but, I knew little about building an interactive experience on this kind of platform. Therefore, I have been learning how to create a content-based website that looks good as I go.

My first challenge was to accumulate the data that I find necessary in order to tell the story I would like to successfully. Most of the footage and photography taken for Kara Solar is dispersed in various people’s portfolios, and getting ahold of these is more difficult than expected. For that reason I have decided to also utilize my own photography as well.

Given the straightforward approach to storytelling that I have chosen, I am attempting to implement a simple website that highlights both written and visual work about the project. Although it was initially meant to be a vertically scrolling story, it has now become a website with various pages and possible directions.

Along this development I have been learning how to use Verse, which was used to create, Everything Water Touches, the story on Flint and its water crisis that I use as reference. Through verse I can put together a narrative that can take advantage of the various types of media used to record the development of Kara Solar—such as written testimonials, photo essays, and interviews.

This link takes you to the story:

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