ACI join forces with to become a Core Channel Node operator

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2 min readMar 26, 2024


  • An exclusive long-term partnership enables Aave Chan Initiative also known as ACI to manage their Core Channel Nodes in order to develop their expansion in decentralized node management DeFi applications.
  • ACI is the primary delegate and service provider for the Aave DAO, and has been responsible for half of Aave Improvement Proposals (AIP) since 2023. decentralized physical infrastructure powering Twentysix Cloud, announces today the launch of a long-term partnership with ACI, the leading Delegate and Service provider of Aave DAO.

ACI established in 2023 is a key player in the Aave protocol. As the primary delegate of the Aave DAO, they actively vote on proposals and provide services to turn ideas into concrete solutions. Their governance mission prioritizes growth and risk management to ensure the robustness of the Aave DAO ecosystem and the prosperity of the Aave protocol.

This partnership between and ACI will enable new contributors to expand our decentralized cloud and enhance our presence in the DeFi industry. Already utilized by DAOs and dApps for storing metadata, backup storage, and enhancing user privacy, ACI is now empowered to enhance its governance framework.

Marc Zeller, CEO and Founder of ACI, explains:

This new partnership with is part of the development of the ACI and our intention to provide new services alongside our main mission with Aave DAO.

We are excited that has made significant improvement in decentralized computing and AI for DeFi as we see it as a useful public tool that can be leveraged by many of the applications that are here today as well as it perfectly fits today’s narrative.

From today, stakers will be able to profit from ~5% APY on ALEPH through ACI Core Channel Node.

About Aave-Chan Initiative

Established in the dawn of 2023, the ACI stands as one of the driving force behind the Aave protocol. We amplify your voice within the Aave DAO community and want to lead by example, catalysing progress with a steadfast focus on results. Our Commitment As the primary delegate of the Aave DAO, we’re committed to action, not just words. We actively vote on proposals and, as service providers, we wield the code to turn these ideas into tangible solutions, advancing the Aave ecosystem. Our governance mission prioritises growth and risk management, ensuring the robustness of the Aave DAO ecosystem and the prosperity of the Aave protocol.


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