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We are excited to formally announce the integration of with Solana, a high performance smart contract blockchain. This integration marks a major milestone on’s roadmap and ignites many further integrations within Solana ecosystem, including Serum, a leading DEX developed by FTX and Alameda research.

“I am super excited to have integrated with Solana. Our crosschain cloud combined with Solana’s incredible high-performance blockchain is unlocking many new opportunities to DeFi and the Web3 ecosystem. Providing a well rounded solution for teams building right now.” — Moshe Malawach, CEO

This integration will enable all solo devs and teams of builders to access’s decentralized cloud services. enables any DApp built on Solana to fully decentralize its stack by providing a Python and Javascript Client Libraries to integrate its decentralized database (inc. file storage), computing and DID framework.

About’s core mission is to help decentralized apps and protocols strip off the centralized parts of their stack, achieving a fully decentralized architecture. achieves this by providing decentralized databases (including file storage), computation and a decentralized identification (DID) framework. You can think of as a decentralized AWS or Firebase.

What Is Solana?

Solana is a rapidly growing decentralized network where information and actions on the blockchain travel as fast as they do on traditional financial markets. The protocol’s speed and throughput means smart contracts can execute in real-time for extremely low fees. Solana’s unique design allows the networks’ throughput and speed to increase as Moore’s law continues to decrease the cost of computing, and bandwidth increases worldwide. Solana’s goal is no less than combining the best of blockchain with the performance of Web 2.0 infrastructure to create a new foundation for global systems. stats and analytics of the Solana network including performances, supply and validators

The goal is to reach the theoretical upper bound of 710K TPS on a standard gigabit network and 28.4M TPS on 40 gigabit.Moreover, Solana supports safe, concurrent execution of programs authored in general purpose programming languages such as C or Rust. The C programming language is decades old and still extremely very popular for many performant-demanding use cases such as operating systems, databases and or 3D animation. On the other hand, Rust is only ten years old, it is loved by developers who use it, it was designed with performance and safety in mind.

Who Is Behind Solana?

Solana is led by an all-star team with experience in both enterprise and blockchain projects. Furthermore, the project includes 400+ validators for all around the globe.

The Solana community is very present online and offline. Moreover it gets supported by The Collective who rewards Solana evangelists for running meetups, moderating community channels and creating educational content.

Solana community includes SBF’s Alameda and FTX who are building a Decentralized Spot and Derivative platform. Following their incredible rise in 2020, these teams are now some of the most respected in the industry. They investigated dozens of alternative chains before choosing Solana and are now in tight collaboration with Solana to make their dream come true.

What Can Be Built With Solana And

As of writing, Solana can handle 50,000 transactions per second, with transaction costs as low as $0.00001. The Solana ecosystem is growing steadily as more projects look for a sound high performance layer 1 solution to build on.

Wanna build a fully decentralized crypto app and get rewarded for it? Solana DeFi Hackathon is on February 15th until March 1st, with plenty of project ideas and generous rewards for everyone. Up to $400k in prizes.

With Solana, teams can build crypto apps that scale. And by connecting to this allows them to build fully decentralized crypto apps that scale: fast and inexpensive crypto apps without any centralized part.

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Essentially you can now build the “DeFi 2.0” — as Solana co-founder Anatoly puts it — in a fully decentralized manner. That’s exactly what we have been doing with the FTX-Alameda powered Serum project.

What’s Next For Solana And

The Solana-Serum Hackathon and other efforts to attract more devs to its ecosystem compounded by our increasingly mature and popular decentralized cloud solution means that the pool of potential integrations with Solana-based projects will only get larger.

We look forward to collaborating with many more teams interested in building on Solana and to get this new generation of high performance fully decentralized products built and launched in the coming weeks and months.

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