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Staking is now live! Our staking DApp was launched today, December 18, 2020. You can start staking by following this tutorial or go directly to the Staking DApp.

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About’s core mission is to help decentralized apps and protocols strip off the centralized parts of their stack, achieving a fully decentralized architecture. Our ecosystem achieves this by providing decentralized databases (including file storage), computation and a decentralized identification (DID) framework. You can think of as a decentralized AWS or firebase.

Read this first!

  1. It is NOT possible to stake from your NULS or NEO wallet. If you still have ALEPH tokens on these blockchains then you need to swap them first. Head over to
  2. You need a minimum of 10K ALEPH tokens to stake.
  3. The total amount of ALEPH (ERC-20) in your wallet will be used to stake. If you want to stake on several different nodes, you will need to split your ALEPH (ERC-20) holdings between different accounts and stake from each respective account.
  4. Node and staking rewards will start on the 25th. You will not get more rewards if you start staking on the 18th. It just gives everyone equal chances to be there from the beginning.


  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Stake your tokens
  3. Restake to another node
  4. Stake as a node operator

1. Connect Your Wallet

Go to and click on “Connect to a wallet” to connect to your Ethereum wallet.

Choose one of the relevant wallets.

When choosing your wallet in this screen, if you use:

  • Ledger then you can proceed via MetaMask
  • TrustWallet then you can proceed via WalletConnect

2. Stake Your Tokens

Once you finish step one described above, you will see the screen below with your wallet address and balance in the top right corner.

Click on “stake” for the node you wish to stake on.

Important: Once nodes becomes active, the pool for daily staking rewards increases (see details in the staking rewards tokenomics article).

This pop-up will appear, click on “Sign” to confirm.

You will then see the updated screen below. It will show a new list at the top containing the node you are staking on with its status, the amount you stake on it and further information.


3. Restake to another node

Simply select “stake” on the new node you want to stake on. The DApp will automatically unstake/stake for you.

4. Staking as a node operator

  1. Create a new account on your wallet
  2. Transfer the amount you want to stake to that account
  3. Go up to point 1 and follow the procedure

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