CRN halving and what you need to know

Clément Fermaud
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3 min readMar 21, 2024


Like Bitcoin halving, the Compute Resource Nodes rewards will be cut in half starting March 21st 2024. This halving policy aimed to counteract inflation by maintaining scarcity on ALEPH emission. But it also comes with greater computing resources allocated to the network.

What is happening?

Compute Resource Nodes are decentralized computing infrastructure components that form a vital part of the network. These nodes work collectively to provide distributed and secure computing power, storage, and other resources to users and applications on the platform.

In return for their contributions, node operators are rewarded with ALEPH tokens, creating an incentive system for maintaining a healthy and robust ecosystem.

On Thursday 21st of March 2024, we are operating an halving on the rewards for running a Compute Resource Node (CRN) in order to maintain scarcity as a counterbalance to inflation and to promote the quality of service and the network’s resilience.

The network relies on a peer-to-peer architecture, where compute resource nodes communicate with each other to share information and coordinate tasks. This architecture ensures that the network remains resilient against single points of failure, as the removal of one node does not impact the overall functioning of the system.

How will it impact users?

The halving have no impact on users of Twentysix Cloud or stakers. However if you operate a Core Channel Node you will be able to link up to 5 CRN instead of 3 previously.

Here is the new distribution for CRN owners:

  • From 3 to 5 CRNs linked = 100% of rewards
  • 2 CRNs linked = 90% of rewards
  • 1 CRN linked = 80% of rewards
  • 0 CRN linked = 70% of rewards

How is this affecting ALEPH?

While the halving reduces rewards for Compute Resource Node owners, it equally lowers the supply of new coins without reducing the demand. As we think it will have a positive effect on the supply and the demand for new ALEPH, we can’t predict the impact of the price of ALEPH.

The initial reward was between 2500 to 3000 ALEPH per month for running a CRN. Presently the reward is around 1200 to 1500 ALEPH.

What does CRN owners need to do?

If own CRNs make sure to get in touch with CCNs operators in order to get your node linked. We recommend using our dedicated Telegram channel “Node Operators” to get in touch with other node owners.

At the moment of writing this article, network is composed of:

  • 93 Core Channel Nodes
  • 419 Compute Resource Nodes
  • 2130 CPUs
  • 7.62 TB of RAM
  • 108 TB of HDD

As a result we expect to seamlessly add support for GPU on the network in the coming months.

Thank you and keep in touch.

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