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Developers are constantly pushing boundaries, seeking innovative solutions to build a more secure, scalable, and accessible applications. This collaboration leverages Twentysix Cloud to empower Shutter’s Keypers, the guardians of transaction fairness within the network. By harnessing’s robust and user-friendly decentralized cloud solutions, Shutter unlocks a new era of accessibility and efficiency for its nodes Keypers.

Understanding Shutter: Preventing frontrunning and MEV using Threshold cryptography

Shutter tackles a critical issue plaguing blockchains: frontrunning and MEV. Frontrunning occurs when miners exploit their knowledge of upcoming transactions to gain an unfair advantage. This disrupts the integrity and efficiency of the network. Shutter combats this issue through a clever approach called threshold cryptography. Transactions are encrypted before submission, making them invisible to miners until authorized decryption by a distributed group of nodes called Keypers. These Keypers play a vital role in ensuring the fairness and security of transactions on Shutter.

However, traditionally, running a Shutter Keyper node has required a dedicated local server. This setup, while secure, can be a barrier to entry for some Keypers who may lack the necessary resources or technical expertise for server maintenance.

How Twentysix Cloud empowers Shutter Network’s Keypers? steps in as the ideal solution. It provides Twentysix Cloud a powerful, open-source, and decentralized cloud infrastructure. Our tools suite offers a compelling alternative to traditional cloud providers like AWS or Google Cloud, with a key advantage: decentralization.

Data storage, business logic execution, and other functionalities happen on a distributed network of independent nodes, eliminating the risks associated with centralized servers. Additionally, Twentysix Cloud boasts several other features that make it a perfect fit for Shutter Network:

  • Cross-chain capabilities: Twentysix Cloud can interact with different blockchains, facilitating seamless integration with Shutter Network’s infrastructure.
  • Scalability: The decentralized nature of’s network allows it to handle varying demands placed on Keyper nodes.
  • Security: By leveraging a distributed network, enhances the overall security of the Shutter Network’s Keyper system.

A symbiotic collaboration between DePIN and DeFi

The collaboration between Shutter and unlocks a range of benefits:

  • Accessibility: Shutter Keypers with limited resources can now participate in the network by running their nodes on This eliminates the need for a dedicated server, making it easier for individuals to contribute to the network’s security.
  • Increased Efficiency:’s infrastructure offers a more reliable and user-friendly environment for Keyper operation compared to local servers. This can lead to smoother network functioning.
  • Enhanced Security: The decentralized nature of adds another layer of security to the Shutter Network’s Keyper system, making it more resistant to potential attacks.

The integration process itself is designed for ease of use. Shutter Keypers can choose between two deployment options on

  • Automatic Node Selection: This option assigns a node automatically and requires holding $ALEPH tokens.
  • Manual Node Selection: Keypers can choose a specific node and pay with a stream of $ALEPH tokens on the Avalanche blockchain.

A Stepping Stone Towards a Decentralized Future

The strategic collaboration between Shutter and represents a pivotal leap towards a future characterized by robust security and pervasive decentralization within the blockchain realm. By adopting’s decentralized infrastructure, Shutter empowers its Keypers — the custodians of transaction fairness. This translates to a fortified Keyper network, bolstering the integrity of the entire protocol. This collaboration paves the way for a paradigm shift, enabling DeFi and other blockchain-powered applications to grow in a truly decentralized and secure cloud.

About Shutter:

Shutter employs threshold encryption with a Distributed Key Generation (DKG) mechanism to achieve base layer neutrality, information symmetry, and accessibility. Shutter has developed a protocol to prevent malicious MEV on the Ethereum ecosystem using threshold encryption-based DKG. The same protocol is also used in other applications, such as providing shielded voting for voting systems. The free, open-source software protocol has been initially developed by brainbot, which has been involved in Ethereum since March 2014.


About Twentysix Cloud

Twentysix Cloud is a cross-chain cloud solution powered by the decentralized network, which offers developers access to databases, computing power, and file storage. It ensures operational resilience for applications, particularly in AI, DeFi, and gaming industries. Since 2020, its marketplace Instances and Micro-Virtual Machines have provided scalable, high-performance resources across various blockchains.


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