Kryptosphere® partners with to become a Core Channel Node operator

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3 min readFeb 26, 2024


  • An exclusive long-term agreement will allow KRYPTOSPHERE® students to manage their own Core Channel node in order to develop their professional and academic projects.
  • KRYPTOSPHERE® becomes the second student association to partner with, offering students in France and on partner campuses around the world the opportunity to develop innovative applications. peer-to-peer decentralized cloud announces today the launch of a long-term partnership with KRYPTOSPHERE®, the largest student association dedicated to the development and adoption of Web3.
Students and alumni of KRYPTOSPHERE® around the world are now able to develop projects and applications thanks to their own Core Channel Node set up by the association, and benefit from staking rewards for future hackathons or professional projects. deploys a decentralized physical infrastructure through its Core Nodes around the world, thus strengthening the decentralization of its cloud with a new operator. Since its creation in 2019, has continued to grow and is facing an increasing demand for cloud computing, particularly in the development of artificial intelligence.

KRYPTOSPHERE® is the second largest student association to partner with after Epitech student association POC. In January, also launched Twentysix Cloud, its suite of tools and cloud solutions including storage, computing, indexing, and VRF.
We have also revealed in January our partnership with Superfluid and Avalanche to enable crypto payments.

This partnership between and KRYPTOSPHERE® will allow students to deepen their academic research and access resources that have become essential for creating innovative applications.

Jonathan Schemoul, CEO and co-founder of, explains:

This partnership marks a new step in our journey to enable students and future entrepreneurs to develop their projects on an open-source cloud that respects private data. KRYPTOSPHERE® is present in a network of world-renowned schools and the birthplace of many of France’s most iconic and prestigious startups. It is also where the new generations of developers and entrepreneurs are found.

France is experiencing one of the fastest-growing markets in Web3 development; We are aware that demand in the AI market is growing rapidly, which is why we are accelerating our development in the use of open-source models. This partnership will benefit students as well as all users and companies using’s infrastructure by strengthening the decentralization and governance of our peer-to-peer cloud.

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KRYPTOSPHERE® is the first and largest student association in France and Europe dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in Blockchain, AI, and Fintech. Founded in 2017 at Kedge Business School Marseille by four students, the association is present on 21 campuses in France, including Paris, Marseille, Rennes, Lyon, and even London. With more than 800 active members and over 2,000 alumni, it aims to train and support students who wish to learn more about Web3 technologies.

About Twentysix Cloud

Twentysix Cloud is a cross-chain cloud solution powered by the decentralized network, which offers developers access to databases, computing power, and file storage. It ensures operational resilience for applications, particularly in AI, DeFi, and gaming industries. Since 2020, its marketplace Instances and Micro-Virtual Machines have provided scalable, high-performance resources across various blockchains.


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