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Starname Partners With Crosschain Database Meets Crosschain Name Service

Starname Partners With Crosschain Database Meets Crosschain Name Service

We are super excited to follow-up the integration announcement made only a few days ago to now share the first Cosmos project to publicly announce their usage of, Starname ($IOV), showcasing’s true multi-chain usability for developers across blockchains.

About Starname

Starname is the first cross-chain name service, providing name-based crypto wallet addresses across multiple blockchains.

Send and receive crypto via a human-readable and easy-to-say address

This significantly improves user experience by allowing users to send and receive crypto via a human-readable and easy-to-say address. Their mission is to accelerate adoption of all blockchain-related products via an abstraction layer accessible by everyone and any service such as wallets, DApps and exchanges, and we are proud that is helping them to do that.

Like Keybase, Starname will soon implement Twitter, KYC, KYB, and website verification to provide an additional layer of security and features to its users.

Interested about Starname and the crypto-profile? You can register your starname today here.

Note: Starname rebranded from IOV in Sep 2020.

What Does Starname Use For?

Starname uses the decentralized database feature of to persist user profile metadata such as username, picture and bio, allowing the platform to run in a completely decentralized architecture.

A Starname profile, powered by Starname chain and decentralized database

The screenshot above shows a Starname profile, a social media inspired profile with the public information you want to share. Logging into the Starname Manager, users can set up their profile easily adding not only the currencies they use and accept, but also a little bio, some social media links and a picture.

Profile data is partly saved on the Starname chain and the rest is saved in decentralized database. See an example of profile data saved on the network.

What Does It Mean For

This first partnership in the Cosmos ecosystem is clear evidence that can be used right now by projects built on the Cosmos SDK using our Python or Javascript SDK. This puts us on the “Web3 Tool” map of the 200+ teams building on Cosmos right now.

Our persistent work and dedication grants us access to not only technical successes but also in strategic partnerships, positioning ourselves as a viable solution for projects who are already live too.


We are a decentralized cloud project. We provide decentralized database, file storage and computing. You can think of as a decentralized AWS. allows decentralized DApps and Protocols to strip off the centralized parts of their stack, achieving a completely decentralized stack.

Keep In Touch

Join our live conversation on our Telegram Community Chat and checkout our work on the below channels.

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