Can Aleph Help You Make Aliya And Find Work? Heck Yeah!! — Find Out How!


Six weeks ago, Tzvika, our head of platform encouraged me to include a small link in my email signature asking “Can Aleph help you make Aliya?” I shared it on Facebook and it went viral. We got tons of signups. We were overwhelmed by the response, both from those still living outside of Israel who want to move to the land of Milk, Honey and Technology and from people (mostly Americans) who already moved to Israel but want to break into the tech economy and well paying, good jobs.

Most of the respondents were not engineers (YO ENGINEERS, SIGN UP TOO!). We pulled together our newly formed “Aliya Swat Team” to ask how we can iterate our approach to help Olim at scale, in a way that also helps build Scale Up Nation. How could we really add value to the ecosystem, to the olim, and not just to our portfolio companies and a handful of olim?

Today, we are announcing Aleph’s first month-long seminar for Olim and those who want to make Aliya: “How To Become A Killer Content Marketer” is a skills-building workshop, given by some of Israel’s best content marketing gurus. Native English speakers have a killer advantage in Israel — they speak and write English! Moreover, they have cultural context in target markets that many Israeli entrepreneurs lack.

Back when Israeli startups sold their company early or relied on partners to go to market, they could do without branding skills. Now that Israeli founders aim to build world-beating companies and capture more of the value chain, this has to change. So, as more Israeli companies scale up, branding is becoming ever more important.

Brand-building in 2017 is all about content marketing and messaging. We deeply believe that English-speaking Olim can make a huge contribution to these start ups and to the country and we want to help you with a BIG shortcut to build your skills in this critical area. At the end of the seminar, we also want to give you exposure to startups and larger companies looking for talent.

As part of the program, startups will be working with and mentoring participants. This means that throughout the learning and skills-building, participants will work for a real company and write content the startup company could actually use. This will be hands on and will expose your talents to potential employers. If you are a startup or a scaled up company, you can simultaneously help with absorbing Aliya and also benefit by getting “free” content for your marketing. Companies that want to mentor participants and help Aliya can sign up here.

For participants, the cost of the Seminar is…free. However, you need to come (like show up for all of it) because the spaces are limited. We cannot take everyone and it would not be right if you took someone’s spot and did not come (got the message??). You can find the signup form and schedule here.

If you still live in America, England or Australia and are serious or even thinking about Aliya, come for the month, enjoy the Spring sun and vibe in Tel Aviv and join the Seminar. You will build real and relevant skills for the 21st century economy. It is worth the cost of the plane ticket and you will decide to stay.

Oh, and what did you think of the clickbait title ? :)

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