What’s Up At Aleph — May 2023

Sightful’s AR Laptop • Healthy.io Raises $50M

Andrew Jacobson
2 min readMay 30, 2023


Sightful Unveils Spacetop AR Laptop

After nearly three years of development, our portfolio company Sightful has finally unveiled their first-of-its-kind product that allows you to work — and be your most creative self — from absolutely anywhere.

Read the Wired Review Here

Healthy.io Raises $50M Series D

Following landmark FDA clearance, Healthy.io raises $50M to accelerate US adoption of its smartphone-powered kidney test, enabling 75 million Americans at risk of chronic kidney disease to test at home.

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On Covenantal Capitalism

Writing for Fortune Magazine, Michael Eisenberg argues that “transactional thinking can only take humanity so far, and we need to revive the covenantal capitalism that gave us modern democracy.”

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Daniel and Kathryn on Invested

Watch or listen to Michael’s interviews with Daniel Schreiber, co-founder and co-CEO of Lemonade, and Kathryn Mayne, managing director at Horsley Bridge Partners, as they discuss venture capital, storytelling, taking risks, diversity and more.

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