Why I Invested: Financial Mastery with Sequence

Eden Shochat
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3 min readJan 29, 2024


Sequence team

Today, I want to share our recent investment in Sequence — a platform that puts people back into the driver’s seat of their financial future.

I first met Gilad Uziely, Sequence’s CEO, at The Junction accelerator, 10+ years ago. He was working on Mekomy, a marketplace for off-the-beaten-path tours and activities. The right founder, the wrong startup. What caught me was his focus on making life better and his ability to create mission-based communities. Something that’s clearly visible in how Gilad, and his Co-Founders Tom and Oren, approach the building of Sequence.

Sequence allows you to visualize your money flow, set smart routing rules and execute complex financial strategies all from one single control center.

To understand Sequence, one should consider the functionality of a typical internet router. Sequence applies this concept to personal finance, acting as your financial router. It allows you to set up rules for managing your money, much like setting a reminder on your phone, or building no-code scripts in Zapier. These rules can be as simple or as complicated as you find fit. It’s a low-floor, high-ceiling product.

For instance, an Airbnb host can automatically divide their rental income, allocating portions for expenses and savings. Similarly, a 1099 worker can automate their tax savings and expense management, and a YouTube influencer can revenue share with their contract video editor.

Here’s how it looks to the end user:

Sequence “money map”, where users can create rules that automate their financial allocations

Under the hood, you can find another Aleph portfolio company (of which I’m proudly a board member) called Unit, powering the Sequence wonder. By the way, Unit also powers Aleph portfolio high fliers HoneyBook and Agora, who use it to offer everything from embedded bank accounts to programmable debit cards and automated payments to streamlined accounting.

But, as the old adage goes, there is no free lunch. Getting these frictionless financial experiences comes with a hidden cost to the end user. In the old financial world, you had a single pane of glass: Your bank account. The ease of use offered by having financial capabilities within applications often complicates financial management by fragmenting balances and workflows. Sequence addresses this by providing a unified, streamlined platform that not only provides visibility, but control over your money flow.

The term ‘financial mastery’ is more than a concept; it’s what Sequence enables. It’s about automating the balance of income, expenses, and savings in real-time, tailored to individual needs and objectives. Sequence offers features like minimum balance protection and automated fund transfers based on personalized goals, making financial management intuitive.

Imagine having as much oversight over your finances as you do over your calendar. The focus is no longer just on managing your finances, but on orchestrating them efficiently.

Don’t take my word for it. Remember what I said about community building? The team has set up a Discord where they work with their customers to build the best financial router for their needs. Or you can take back control over your finances right now on Sequence’s website.



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