Introducing Aleria’s Core Values

Aleria was born from a vision of helping society become more inclusive and equitable. The work we do for our clients, and the way we work with one another, are guided by a set of principles that reflect our vision and are shaped by our unique approach.

With our small team and the projects we strategically accepted last year, it was easy enough to ensure that we were all consistently on the same page, heading in the same direction, and focused on creating the impact we want to see in the world. But we expect 2019 to be a big year for Aleria — a year of incredible growth — and knew that we would need to create foundational tools and processes to guide us as we begin to work with new clients, take on additional projects, and expand our team.

As a part of this process and through a series of collaborative team exercises and discussions, we formalized the Aleria core values. Along with our mission, these values will keep us focused and aligned as we navigate the year ahead.

1. Effect positive and lasting change

We are passionate about our vision of a more inclusive and equitable world. We aspire to drive meaningful change through our work, creating broad and long-lasting value for society while having a positive impact on individuals. We only undertake projects with the potential to make the world a better place.

2. Focus on core issues

Our work deals with complex, emotionally charged matters that can lead to difficult conversations. We encourage open, candid and respectful dialogue to address core issues rather than polarize and divide. By helping each other see past our blind spots, we push ourselves toward greater inclusion and equity.

3. Prioritize the human experience

We take a human-centric viewpoint that preserves the integrity and value of people as individuals, not as statistics. We acknowledge the interconnected nature of the human experience and resist looking at things in rigid categories. Our work demonstrates the value of people being satisfied in all aspects of their lives.

4. Create inclusive and respectful environments

We believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and appreciation, and we are committed to treating everyone equally while celebrating and embracing differences. An inclusive and supportive environment ensures that all individuals can reach their full potential while being their true selves.

5. Support curiosity and learning

The very nature of our approach recognizes that there is no limit to how much we can learn. The success of our mission requires that we expand our knowledge by learning from others, and that we invest in the personal and professional growth of all our team members.

Whether you are a friend, prospective client, community partner or future team member, we hope these values provide a sense of the purpose, passion, and motivation that goes into our work.

Do you identify with your company’s values? Do you turn to them when making big decisions?