The Smart Defenders — Episode 1

The Mystery Guest

Christa Chambers-Price
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5 min readJun 14, 2022


Ah, there’s nothing like a cookout in the backyard of the Smart family’s grandparent’s house! Food, music, games, and lots of laughter will fill any given Saturday. Grandma Smart, always the hostess, goes all out for the family by making sure that the backyard is immaculate and the decorations are always on point! Also, everyone knows that the backyard is just a backdrop to showcase her prize-winning vegetable garden. 🍅

Myles Jasper Smart III, one of the twins in the family, always looked forward to the cookouts. Some of his most incredibly positive memories came from these family cookouts. Grandpop would be at the grill with his extra, super, secret BBQ recipe, a Smart family legend that started in the 60s and perfected with him (or so he says). Myles could count on laughing so hard his side hurt. Max, his dog, always loved a challenge and somehow managed to do exactly what he wasn’t supposed to do. Grandma’s garden was an easy target. Perhaps Max just wanted to see how fast Grandma could move to catch him. “I still got it!” She’d tell no one in particular when she did catch him. “Look here, Max, don’t start none, won’t BE none! STAY out of my garden!”

One cookout always came up in young Myles’ memories, which wasn’t exactly a happy one. He could recall the day in vivid detail. He was seven years old. Like the other Saturdays, the family gathered as expected for the cookout. He remembered smelling the ginger, garlic, and onions wafting from the house as soon as they entered the backyard. Grandma was whipping up her world-famous (well, family-famous) Maafe Peanut Stew. Maafe Peanut Stew is a staple meal throughout West Africa and, as the name suggests, is made up of a base of ground peanuts, onion, ginger, and sweet potatoes. Myles loved it and promised himself he would break his last record and eat three bowls of it! Meanwhile, at the grill, thick smoke swirled around as Grandpop was busy making his universe-famous (his words) hickory-smoked, hot chicken wings.

Everyone gathered at the table underneath colorful orange, purple, green, and red banners. Everyone filled their plates and ate like there was no tomorrow. But, as Myles was getting his second bowl of peanut stew, he started to feel strange. His stomach started to cramp, and his skin began to feel itchy. “Oh no! What’s happening?” Myles thought.

He looked around the table. Everyone else was laughing and enjoying themselves. Myles knew that this would be a cookout like no other, to say the least. Naturally curious, Myles was worried yet mildly excited to figure out what was happening in his body. Just who was this Mystery Guest?! “If only,” he thought, “I had a big lab and a team of dedicated ‘labbers’ (his term) who could help me investigate this!”

Little did he know, he had just activated the very lab that was dedicated to him and only him…

Welcome to the adventure! Check out The Smart Family’s playlist as you join their family cookout. 🎵

This Mystery Guest has left Myles with more questions than answers. Little does he know that his internal Mission Control Director is thinking the exact same thing. Both are determined to do whatever it takes to find these answers they were searching for. However, what neither one of them knew was that this Mystery Guest set in motion a series of events that would change young Myles’ life forever. Just how would they take this Mystery Guest on?

Topics Covered: Food Allergy Reactions, Food Allergy Symptoms,
How Food Allergies Affect the Body



The Smart family gathered at one of their many family cookouts. This particular cookout was like none other. A Mystery Guest, one that was focused just on Myles, showed up and made Myles ill, activating his internal Mission Control team to investigate.

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As Myles’ internal Mission Control Team team gathers, it’s a race against time as Myles continues to have uncomfortable reactions to the Mystery Guest. To help Myles, the Mission Control Director and the rest of the Mission Control divisions must come together quickly to help Myles out. Stay tuned!


Topics Covered: Food Allergy Reactions, Food Allergy Symptoms,
How Food Allergies Affect the Body, Mental Health, Advocacy

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