The Smart Defenders — Episode 4

The Mystery Inside of Myles: REVEALED!

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LAST TIME: 10-year-old Myles and Aisha Smart win top prizes at the annual Science Fair: two passes to attend the highly competitive National Science Camp! These Smarts embark on an adventure with rockets, dopamine, and neighborhood legends when SUDDENLY, an unexpected guest sneakily returned. While they won that battle, who is the “Mystery Guest” from many years ago that keeps showing up uninvited?

A few weeks later: After the last adventure of rockets and reactions at Science Camp and a series of tests, Myles and the Smart Family return to the office of Dr. Vega, Myles’ new allergist, for answers. Myles, Dad (Myles II), Tamara (Mom), and his twin sister, Aisha, nervously await the results. The family can see that Myles is anxious as he thinks about the last visit to the allergist and tests.

Many emotions are processed as Myles nervously awaits the results: fear, worry, and even curiosity about what’s happening inside his body. This only grows as the nurse calls Myles back to see the doctor. Mom and Dad comfort him, and Mission Control steps in to help calm Myles. Suddenly, something peculiar happens — Activating: Imagination! “Be Brave… I can do this,” Myles thinks to himself as the allergist office transforms into a high-tech space station!

The Smarts settle into the exam room with their space suits and helmets while Myles twiddles his thumbs nervously. Mission Control keenly watches as they are warmly greeted once again by Myles’ allergist, Dr. Vega. “After little Myles’ reaction at Science Camp and a series of tests, it looks like little Myles has a peanut allergy,” Dr. Vega explains. Finally, the “Mystery Guest” from years ago is revealed!

Eureka! Back in Mission Control, the Mission Control Director (MCD), Dr. Sebastian Montgomery, communicates to the Mission Control crew that the riddle is solved — Myles has a peanut allergy. “Let’s find out how we can help him with this new mission!” The Mission Control Director explains.

Back in the exam room, Myles becomes confused as he takes in this news, realizing that BIG changes are coming. Dr. Vega prepares Myles for his next mission by explaining IgE, the special “forces” there to protect Myles and how they can sometimes overreact to “normal” foods, like peanuts, when you have a food allergy. During this mission, Myles must read all labels always and avoid foods containing peanuts to help prevent reactions.

For Myles, this confusion quickly turns into sadness, and the Smarts realize this means changes for them, too. No more of “Grandma’s ‘Famous’ Peanut Stew?” No more takeout? What about the family picnics? Dad thinks on his feet and mentions that this is the perfect time to focus on the positives.

Let’s focus on what we can have, not what we can’t!” Mom mentions that although they will have to remain vigilant, this is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. Myles’ sister, Aisha, even offers to help him read labels.

“Exactly!” Dr. Vega is proud of the family for being there for Myles, and Myles even cracks a smile for a second. Dr. Vega then explains a tool and friend that will be useful for this new mission in case of an emergency: epinephrine. “Always carry two auto-injectors!” She reminds him.

Myles begins to feel queasy as he thinks about the last time he had to use an auto-injector at Science Camp. “If you have an emergency, here’s what you do, and always call 9–11 for help after you use it,” Dr. Vega explains.

Dr. Vega shows the Smart Family how to use an auto-injector and explains the importance of calling for help after using them. Myles still feels queasy about these changes until Dad embraces him, “Okay son, it’s time for all of us to go on a big mission, and we all have to be brave. Your captain, Dr. Vega, me, your mom, and the Smart family are here to cheer you on — we got you!”

Myles smiles and begins to calm down as Dad comforts him. He can do this!

Back in Mission Control, although many emotions are still processing around this big change, Myles is calm enough for them to lower his imagination. The Mission Control Director, Dr. Sebastian Montgomery, prepares the team for the new mission. “This won’t be easy, but we can do this! Let’s focus and do all we can to support Myles.” The space station transforms back into a doctor’s office as Myles feels more confident about this mission.

After the appointment, the Smart family prepares to go home. “Let’s go Myles, chop chop — we have labels to read!” Shouts Myles’ sister, Aisha.

On the way out, Tamara (Mom) notices a peculiar sign on the wall. “Thank goodness for all your help, Dr. Vega. Hey, what is this sign about?” Dr. Vega explains that this may be an additional option to worry a bit less about reactions over time. “Let’s talk about it…”


The Smart Family discovers the true identity of the Mystery Guest from years ago, and Myles meets a new, key member of his care team that will help to guide the Smarts on their journey to overcome it. Adjusting to this new normal will be a challenge for all, but there’s nothing that the Smart Family can’t handle together. What will this new journey entail?

🚀 Next Episode: Myles’ First Day of 4th Grade!

Myles and the Smarts have their mission that is put to the ultimate test as this little adventurer navigates some new, exciting territory: 4th Grade! The new school year is a thrilling time full of new friends and obstacles alike — how will Myles and the Smart Family take on this new adventure, and what useful, yet unexpected new members join his fight and help him defend? Stay tuned!


Topics Covered: Food Allergy Reactions, Mental Health, Food Allergy Management, Resilience, Diagnosis

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