Alethea AI x OpenSea Sale Breaks Record for World’s First Intelligent Collectible Sale

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4 min readOct 22, 2021


The sale of the world’s first Intelligent Collectibles & 10,000 Personality Pods (AI Souls) for NFTs has brought in almost 4000 ETH in Primary and Secondary Sales to build a community owned Intelligent Metaverse.

NEW YORK, October 20th 2021 — Alethea AI concluded their 7-day auction and direct sale for two historic collections:

i) a first of its kind collection, “The Revenants”, which are a collection of one hundred Intelligent NFTs on October 19th

(ii) A Sale of 10,000 Personality Pods that allow any NFT to be animated and brought to life

Records Broken:

(i) The First Collection, named “The Revenants” broke OpenSea Records for a Collection drop, and sold for approximately 2400 ETH for its primary and secondary market sales skyrocketing to becoming a Top 10 collection on OpenSea in the past 7 day period.

(ii) The Personality Pods sold for almost 1600 ETH, over the past 24 hours becoming a Top 10 collection on Open Sea by Volume .

What is the Revenant Collection?

The Revenants are a truly unique historic collection of intelligent NFTs, or iNFTs and are being compared to being the CryptoPunks of the AI NFT world. What makes these NFTs so special? They are on the cutting edge of embedding AI animation, interaction and generative capabilities into NFTs. The Revenants can be found on Noah’s Ark, an Intelligent Metaverse created by Alethea AI.

This is only fitting, as they are a collection of 100 of history’s most significant figures. From Aristotle to Cleopatra to Cinderella, the icons of the past, both real and fictional, were reborn as iNFTs. Anyone can log on to Noah’s Ark to find the Revenants and interact with them. You can record custom video messages, upload audio, and in the case of some characters like Julius Caesar or Adam Smith, you can even interact and hold a conversation with them.

“We’re excited about the record-breaking start to our partnership with Alethea, an innovative NFT project combining AI and NFTs to create intelligent and interactive NFTs. We are excited to continue working with the Alethea AI team as they develop their Intelligent Metaverse”, Ryan Foutty, VP Business Development, Open Sea.

The Revenants are transforming the imagination of collectors. As iNFTs gain in popularity, they’ll be able to earn rewards for their services through Noah’s Ark. In the future, as iNFTs develop their intelligence further, they could star in advertising campaigns, deliver keynote speeches, or even be featured in films. Just like a person would, they’ll be rewarded for their efforts. The only difference is that an iNFT can be in many places at once. iNFTs there are the perfect Metaverse legos.

The highest selling Revenant was Vincent Van Gogh, who sold for 58 ETH . The floor price of a Revenant currently sits at 64 ETH , meaning Revenant holders are only willing to sell at that price. The auction was historic as it was the first AI NFT collection, a pivotal moment in the early history of NFTs. The first iNFT ever sold at auction was also created by Alethea. Alice, the world’s first iNFT, sold through Sotheby’s in June for nearly half a million dollars.

“Alethea AI will serve as the connective tissue by upgrading NFTs to become interactive, intelligent assets that grow in value over time, as their intelligence evolves. Today most NFT native projects are static images, and with Alethea’s protocol, these static images can be brought to life, creating richer more meaningful engagements for brands and creators.”

Personality Pods, a 10,000 collection from Alethea allow any NFT owner to fuse their existing NFT with a personality Pod to give it a life and personality. All NFT PFP projects will be able to do so in the future, and Alethea AI is launching Noah’s Ark with 10 Supported communities as part of its inaugural launch. The Generation 1 Pods have attained a democratic distribution of 3700 owners that can eventually fuse the Pod with any NFT to have their iNFTs come alive on Noah’s Ark.

About Alethea AI

Alethea AI is building a decentralized protocol to create an Intelligent Metaverse inhabited by Interactive and Intelligent NFTs. As originators of the iNFT standard, Alethea AI is on the cutting edge of embedding AI animation, interaction and generative AI capabilities into NFTs. Developers can use the Alethea AI protocol to Create, Train and Earn from their iNFTs in the world’s first Intelligent Metaverse known as Noah’s Ark.

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