Alethena Top 16 Cryptocurrency Assessment — February 2019

February 2019, as per — 12 Feb 2018

Alethena Top 16 Cryptocurrency Assessment

We present the Alethena February Top 16 Cryptocurrency edition. Many cryptocurrencies are facing cross-winds and are currently moving horizontally in “Crypto Winter’s Valley of Death”. Thus, market capitalisation has not shifted the positions within the top 16 cryptocurrencies and therefore we cannot welcome any new- or re-joiners.

Further changes are summarised in the following:

  • Ethereum’s assessment remains the same, however with a positive side note that the remediation for the Constantinople hard fork is in progress.
  • NEM‘s foundation (currently at position 19 in terms of market capitalisation) almost went bankrupt due to a mismanagement of its funds. While they claim to have recovered from this point, they have lost much trust in the community.

We hope you enjoy our independent and professional assessment and stay tuned for our next edition in March 2019!

Disclaimer: The assessment of the above top 16 coins reflects Alethena’s own professional opinion at the date of the publication, does not reflect an investment advice, and is not subject to a rating conducted via Alethena’s due diligence methodology. Intellectual property of Equility AG and ©Alethena, 2019. All rights reserved.

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