Crypto Finance Conference and Alethena Partnership Announcement

Alethena and Crypto Finance Conference teamed up to further increase the standard and quality of blockchain projects

We are glad to announce our partnership with the Crypto Finance Conference (CFC). CFC has decided to further increase the standard and quality of blockchain projects which participate in the Crypto Finance Conference. Therefore, going forward, for all ICOs presenting at any of the CFC events, a due diligence from Alethena is required.

In the past year, the crypto markets and projects have experienced a big boost, which resulted in hyper growth for single projects, cryptocurrencies, and the whole market. Besides many great projects, working on innovative blockchain solutions, that also attracted dubious players in gold-rush mood, trying to benefit from the apparent money in the space. For investors, proper due diligence is more important than ever and as the world’s most exclusive investor conference, it is important to CFC to sustain a high standard for their audience.

The high quality of our conference – which includes the presenting projects – is our highest priority. As opposed to other ICO rating platforms, Alethena requires more information from the ICOs and provides a clear and objective analysis of the full potential of the project. The partnership with Alethena will definitely add more value for our participants, especially the ones looking to invest in new blockchain startups. Together we stand for high quality, neutrality, and proper due diligence.”
Andrea-Franco Stöhr, CFC Co-Founder & CEO

The Crypto Finance Conference is the world’s most exclusive investor conference for cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments, with events in Switzerland, Asia, and the US. CFC is connecting private investors, institutional investors, and family offices with the leading players in the crypto and blockchain universe. The three-day conference offers expert education, investment opportunities, and excellent networking opportunities. The list of participants of each conference is strictly limited and curated by the board to enable the participating experts to build a unique network.

Alethena is the first Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency that is 100% independent, transparent, and neutral.
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