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How to Move Music Among Different Alexa Devices

If you own multiple Alexa devices, you will love this new feature

Alexa comes in all shapes and sizes from Echo Flex to Echo Show 15 with a 15.6" display. In between you can find various devices — standard Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Studio and devices with screens like Echo Spot, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10. Additionally, there is Echo Auto for your car and you can even Alexa-enable any Bluetooth speaker. Yes, for Amazon, Alexa is a strategic technology.

Amazon updates Alexa ecosystem on a regular basis and we see new features all the time. Last month, Amazon introduced a nice feature for those who own multiple Alexa devices.

Alexa for Music

Nearly all Alexa devices offer good music quality. For example, Echo Show 8 produces quite good sound. For truly decent music experience, Amazon offers Echo Studio. It is also possible to augment your Echo with Echo Sub — a subwoofer specifically designed as a complimentary device.

Sometimes you want all your Echo devices to play the same music but there are times when you want to start music on one device and continue on another. Moving musing is now quick and easy.

Moving music among devices

Precisely this feature was introduced in October. You can pause playback on one Alexa device and continue playback on another device. It’s super simple. You just say “Alexa, pause” to the device currently playing music, and then say “Alexa, resume music here” to the device where you want to move your music to.

Or, you can say directly “Alexa, move music to my Echo Studio” to the currently playing device.

The feature also applies to Echo Buds and Echo Auto. Moving music does not work for Amazon Fire TV cube.

Speaking of Fire TV, Amazon added TikTok support last month as well. So, if you have Fire TV, you watch your favorite TikTok videos there.

All music systems are supported and…

You can move podcats too

This feature is not limited to moving only music. You can also move podcasts.

You just say “Alexa, move my podcast to the kitchen” and you can continue listening to the podcast where you left off.

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