Abstract: The Witch as Psychopomp

Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross meets Dion Fortune at Maxine Sanders’ Temple of the Mother in the ‘70’s & currently, in the Coven of the Stag King.

This is one of the Abstracts I use for the talks I give on ‘The Witch as Psychopomp’, the detail of which varies depending on the time allocated for the presentation. Working with the dying and their loved ones is a wide-open field in need of more compassionate human beings contributing in their own unique way, especially in the West where we culturally have more difficulty accepting the dying process.


For centuries, witches have been considered as bridges between the worlds, standing at the gateway between life and death. While they are often known in popular culture for bringing Souls back to communicate with the living, a lesser known aspect is the spiritual and practical role they play before and after death.

Facing Death: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

A witch-as-psychopomp trained in Alexandrian Witchcraft as practised and taught by Maxine Sanders harnesses the principles descended from Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and combines them with the ritual tenets of Dion Fortune. The amalgamation of these two paradigms, injected with the Craft of the Wise, works with the dying’s chosen deathway and religious belief system to provide an end-of-life interaction to help those transitioning to embrace their final Mystery, whilst simultaneously working with the dying’s family and loved ones.

When the time of death arrives or within its proximate time frame and if circumstances allow, the ritual preparation of the body allows the Soul to ease into its journey. This is followed by the stage of sealing of the body, which aids in covering all points of superstition ingrained in cultural and individual beliefs.

The subconscious parting of ways between the living and dead is the funeral, where the focus is on bringing the mourning into and through their grief so as to be set at the threshold for healing.

Following the funeral or final disposition of the body, the post-death Sending Forth ritual acts as a final means for the Initiate or those departed Souls who are in need of post-death reassurance, to progress the Soul on its way in a favourable state of calmness.

In the case of sudden or mass death, including terrorist attack; war and battle deaths; suicide; or tragic accident, the non-denominational Beings of Light are called forth to aid the traumatic deceased and ameliorate the impact on the living.

For Souls lost to suicide, the ‘Suicide Circle’ of experienced witches provides a means to enable those entrapped within the tragic moment of their cry-for-help decision, to finally look towards the Light.

It is in this way that the witch-as-psychopomp draws up the bridge between the worlds of the living and the departed, and completes their task.